My Silver Edge Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and why I love it

Making Colloidal silver at home with ease!

Save a ton of money by making high quality colloidal silver for just pennies a quart.

Colloidal silver is not only on my top 10 list it is a very big part of my DIY life.

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Let me start off by saying this is not a review of The Silver Edge Generator, I already did a review after having my generator awhile. This is tell better explain how easy it is to use, & why I love it so much & to answer one of the most common questions I get: Where do I buy my CS.

Hi guys, I bet if you have just read a couple of my blog posts you know I love colloidal silver right? Well many email me & ask where I buy colloidal silver & what brand I recommend. The answer is I do not use a brand, I make my own, why? Because I can make high quality micro particle colloidal silver for a fraction of the cost of even buying a poor quality brand. You do not want poor quality colloidal silver & you do not want large particle size & you really do not want to pay an arm & a leg for your silver. For more information on particle size, how I use colloidal silver & so much more check out my Silver edge colloidal silver generatorreview: Colloidal Silver – The Silver Edge Micro Particle Generator.

 Lets make colloidal silver:

I have had my Colloidal silver generator awhile now, 2 & 1/2 years give or take & I have recommend it literally thousands of times. I think it far better to invest in this generator to make a better colloidal silver than to spend your money paying high prices. And Steve over at the Silver Edge has made it so easy for those just getting started with the generator, you can go here & read his 4 simple steps to using the generator, (or you can watch a 3 minute video).

I kept doing my research before buying a generator of my own & I decided on The Silver Edge Colloidal TheSilverEdge.comSilver Generator for many reasons but the 2 big ones were: #1 The high quality micro particle CS it makes & #2 The cost is so much more reasonable than even poor quality generators. I can buy a gallon of Distilled water for about 75 cents to a dollar & I buy my silver wires usually once a year out of taxes & they last me all year. It takes 3 hours to make a Quart of colloidal silver that is 7 to 10 ppm & really with micro particle you do not need a higher ppm than that 99% of the time. That QT of CS cost me about 35 to 40 cents to make, yeap that’s it.

Why Higher PPM Is Not Always Better

What do you need to buy to make colloidal silver with your generator? Well just a good quality brand of steam distilled water, otherwise the generator comes with everything you need to start making your first batch within minutes of it arriving (read instructions first of course).

Included with your generator: 1 Plastic zipper pouch carrying case –  1 set of printed operating Instruction Guide – Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Guide  – Automatic timer – 2 pure .999 fine silver rods (12 gauge) which should last you for a year or longer and make well over 100 quarts (mine last me about 13 months & I do not count but I make a lot of colloidal silver).

After reading your instructions it is time to make the silver: Insert the wires into the holes in the generator, fill a clean & rinsed qt jar almost full with distilled water, put the generator on top of the jar with the wires in the water, set the timer for 3 hours & there you go. After making the colloidal silver & storing it in a dark cupboard (only store in glass). What I do is wash my jar with baking soda & water, rinse then rinse again with distilled water or colloidal silver, I never use soap. For the wires just use a green scrubby to clean them after every use & putting them up, sometimes I add a bit of baking soda to the scrubby & then rinse the wires. I dry the wires & add them to my bag, I then neatly add my generatospray bottler to the bag & zip it up till next time.

Colloidal silver can be made ahead of time, I keep several quarts at a time made, I never know when an emergency will pop up causing me to need extra. I do not have any full size QT amber or blue glass bottles for storing my silver so I use QT ball mason jars & I sit them in a dark poly bag in a dark room temp cupboard & I have never had an issue. For using I have leftover brown herbal & homeopathic bottles that are brown or blue that I either just use the dropper or I add a sprayer on top.

The droppers are great for certain uses but we find the little spray bottles have thousands of uses such as spraying in: Eyes, nose, mouth, on skin, cuts, stings, ears, on hair, over litter box, cleaning, toilets, shopping carts, hand sanitizer, pets, spot cleaner, on tooth brushes, mouth mist, air & room mist, anywhere you need CS.

Reason #6 to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver: You’re Not Dependent Upon the Manufacturer to Control the Silver Particle Size!

Colloidal silver against Ebola

I of course add colloidal silver in a lot of my DIY recipes with amazing results, not only is the CS great for skin, hair, body, cleaning, laundry & more but it also preserves the cleaner while adding Anti-bacterial, Anti Microbial, Anti Fungal cleaning power.

My colloidal silver was an investment (right now $239) but it paid for its self in no time, after all if you are paying for high quality safely made CS you are paying $30, $40 or more per ounce & what you can make at home as I discovered is even more amazing.

Are you ready to purchase your own Micro Particle colloidal silver generator yet?

Customer service: I can not rave enough about Steve & his staff, I have dealt with a LOT of businesses online & The Silver Edge has some of the best customer service anywhere & they treat you with respect & help you when needed.

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You will notice in a lot of my DIY posts I recommend colloidal silver, but where do I buy mine? I make my own with a Colloidal silver generator, I can make a qt for just pennies.

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