Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Love – Why you will love DE too

DE how I love thee, let me count the ways.

For you, your pets, home, yard, flowers & garden, from health to pest control & beyond.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is one of those natural products we keep around & use daily for so many reasons, it will forever be on my top 10 list & without a doubt would be on a short list of items to take with me rather stuck on a deserted island or in an emergency.

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Food grade diatomaceous earth or DE for short is one of those products that if you love it you believe should be in every ones natural arsenal, seriously my love for DE is so much I recommend it almost daily for others to research it’s literally hundreds of uses. I have never been disappointed in the results from using DE. I love DE so much you will find info on it sprinkled throughout my blog, yes sprinkled is a play on words 🙂

You will also notice I already have a blog post on using Diatomaceous earth here, I also take DE daily, & I use it for DIY skin care for exfoliating, as a scrubs, for acne & healing skin issues. I also use it for pest control & it is amazing for bed bugs, so I suggest you get researching it & decide if DE is for you.

DE is also great used to bush your teeth & for whitening. We use DE daily in our home, garden & for our pets too.

Yes I have already covered a lot of ways to use DE on many of my blog posts, Make sure you check out the links to learn more about any of the uses listed below. I will be covering pretty much the same info just in a handy-dandy new blog post.

What does DE look like?: DE is a kinda off white to light gray powder, it is made up of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton.

Brand does matter: Over the years I tried so many brands of DE, & like so many natural products, not all food DE is created equal, some literally made me to sick when I took it or burned my skin when using it as a mask or to treat my animals skin & fur etc. Some even smelled & looked wrong & even tasted very wrong. So yes knowing what you are getting is important & a quality brand is important.

DiatomaceousEarth DE: I recommend this great quality Brand of DE & yes I have had some great health benefits from using it & so have friends & fans who purchased it. If you have tried DE & thought it just did not live up to the hype or it tasted totally wrong it very well could be the brand you are using. Many just decide to go to the feed store etc & buy DE in bulk & yes sometimes amazingly you can find a food grade diatomaceous earthgood quality brand at a feed store & that is a score for you, but mostly the brands you get are great for using in barns & around animals but will in no way give you the desired benefits you are looking for. So spend a little extra & get good quality food grade DE for yourself.

Did you know DE is great taken for pain?: DE is a go to for us to drink as a pain reliever for any pain, alone taken in water it is awesome for pain relief of almost any kind, especially waking up not hurting so bad (back &  joints) but if I have pain that needs eased fast I mix DE & baking soda in water & drink & an even more effective combo is DE, colloidal silver & baking soda in water, we used this combo even for post surgery pain for my mom very effectively. A plus is it heals as it relieves pain. Sadly it does not work for everyone, but thats normal with anything you take, what works for one will not work for another.

Fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, bed bugs & pests: I think I in any given week recommend DE more for getting rid of creepy crawlies than for any use. You have got to love a bug killer that is so safe you can ingest it safely & even for improved health, it is safe used around all ages & all pets. It is deadly to any bugs/insects/pests with an exoskeleton because it cuts into them & literally dehydrates them. Beware it kills good & bad bugs if they have an exoskeleton, so use properly.  (Natural Pest Control)DE

Parasites (wormer): DE is amazing to worm your animals & safe enough to give them daily for far better results, everything from pet mice to horses & cows & everything in between can benefit from taking DE & not just because it will get rid of & prevent parasites. And it has the same amazing effect in humans, most of us have parasites & never know it, taking DE daily can have many benefits. (Pets Naturally)

More about pets: We use DE to sprinkle on our chicken, on their feed for health, sprinkle where they take a sand bath, DE is great to kill & prevent chicken lice & mites & other issues as well & great to feed laying chickens. Our cats & dogs get fed DE daily, our older dog & cat get the great pain relief effect as well as the immune boost they all get. We sprinkle it where they lay & on them to prevent fleas & ticks. And that is not all, sprinkling DE & rubbing it in can heal skin issues(even mange) in many animals. It is just great for all around health & to give your pet the boost they need.

Yard, Flowers, Garden & more: You can sprinkle DE anywhere you have pests, you can safely apply it directly safely on flowers, plants, fruits & vegetables & kill pests that are eating away at your crop. If it rains it is best to apply more, as with most natural pest control apply often. (pest control)

Digestive health & many other health benefits: You really should research all that DE can do for you, you would be surprised.

Brushing teeth: DE is great to brush your teeth with either straight or in a DIY combo recipe. It is recommended to not brush your teeth more than once or twice a week, daily use is done by many but I can not recommend it. DE is great for removing plaque, stains, yellowing, build up & for promoting healthy teeth & gums. DE is also a great whitening trick for your teeth. (Hello to a DIY mouth)

Skin issues: do you have dry patchy skin? Psychosis, Eczema, dermatitis or other skin issues? DE could be the answer you have been looking for, used alone mixed with water or colloidal silver in a paste, you can even add activated charcoal powder if you want. Apply the paste to the wet skin & gently massage in, if your skin can handle it let it sit 5 to 10 minutes & wash off. You can also add DE to your bath water & soak, I know many that use the soaking method to treat scalp issues but me personally I do not like how my hair feels after using DE. (Acne – Skin – Scrub)

Fingernails & hair: My whole life no matter how well I ate, how healthy I was, no matter what I took my fingernails could never grow long, they just broke, chipped & peeled off (causing me to chew on them), They were horrible. Once I started taking DE daily instead of just as needed not only do I get many health benefits, pain relief etc I also within just a few weeks started having the fingernails I always wanted, healthy, strong & longer. if I get lazy & not take the DE daily they again look horrible but as long as I stay to my daily taking DE my nails are great looking. My hair also is much healthier when I take DE regularly, between DE & no poo I have resolved many hair & scalp issues including balding & thin spots.

scrubbing cleaner: It can even be used in cleaning mixed with baking soda as scrubbing powder.

 I take it: DE is a go to item for me, I take it mainly just in water, but most can not handle the grittiness or taste in just water. But I always say I have taken far worse so DE is not bad at all. But it can be added to almost any food or drink, juices, teas, smoothies on & on, whatever it takes for you to get in what you need daily. Always start off with low amounts & gradually build up, if stomach issue start build up even slower. It is great to ward off illness, to build the immune system, to promote sleep, alkaline body, help your body absorb vitamins, detox etc

DE: I want to say a bit more about DiatomaceousEarth DE. I have found it works the best for fleas on my animals & in my home, I also prefer it’s taste to other DE brands. My kids also prefer the taste to other brands.

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