Natural Do it Yourself Toilet & Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipes – Easy, Safe, Effective (DIY)

Clean your toilet & toilet Bowl naturally, easily.

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I have covered the issue before on what things like commercial cleaners, bleach & even many so called natural cleaners do to our health & immune system, & just how easy & effective all while being safe DIY cleaners are.

I have shared other recipes for cleaning the bathroom but today I am just going to share a couple simple recipes/steps for cleaning your toilet not only totally homemade but safe, effective & natural & that is why I am here to share with you how to rid your life of horrible cleaners/chemicals.

This is another fan requested blog post, so remember you can always ask me & I will do my best to post what you want.baking soda

Let me start of by saying when it comes to human urine smell Eucalyptus essential oil might be you saving grace, seriously. If you have boys you know cleaning around the rim of the toilet & around the toilet just what I am talking about. But I must also say mixing eucalyptus essential oils with things like other essential oils, baking soda, white vinegar, borax, lemon juice & peroxide can not only deodorize your toilet & bathroom it can totally get rid of human pee smell & other smells, not just cover them get rid of them.

Lets get started:

Just a basic Toilet bowl cleaner: Make sure the toilet has been flushed & their is the normal amount hand wash baking sodaof water in your bowl, pour in 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda making sure to cover area above the waterline as well (flushing first helps to wet this area so baking soda will stick, or use toilet brush to wet area first).  If you want to at this point you can add about 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, &/or another essential oil like tea tree or lavender & about 1/4 tsp of natural liquid soap (do not use castile soap with vinegar).  Now use the toilet brush & scrub around with the baking soda mixture in your toilet, making sure to Vinegar jugcoat all sides, if you need more baking soda you can add more, after scrubbing let sit a few minutes. Now pour 1/2 cups white vinegar around all sides to come in contact with the baking soda, let sit & fizz a few minutes, then swish with toilet brush & flush. (the vinegar step is also optional if you prefer just using baking soda, or you can use lemon juice instead of vinegar). For more scrubbing power you can also add a couple tbsp of borax to the baking soda if needed.

Avoid toxic bleach make your own safe, effective bleach alternative, I have the recipe here

Basic toilet cleaner: In a spray bottle add 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water, Optional to add 10 or so drops of eucalyptus essential oil, &/lemon essential oil. Use this to spray toilet & floor around toilet & wipe up with a cloth. If you prefer a amazing germ fighting formula you can use the vinegar & peroxide 2 step system, I tell how here.

Lets get rid of that pee smell: As I said boys can really cause a mess in your bathroom sometimes. What I like to do is once a day add about 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to my toilet tank to not only help deodorize but to kill germs & freshen the tank. I also after cleaning the toilet & the floor around the toilet like to use a peroxide & eucalyptus essential oil spray to just mist the area & either wipe dry or just allow to dry.

Colloidal silver: Colloidal silver is great to use in the bathroom & on the toilet, not only does it with spray bottlenothing added stop smells it is an amazing germ & bacteria killer that if allowed to dry can protect after the fact. It is antimicrobial too. What I do is usually add a tbsp to all my above recipes but I also keep a misting spray bottle around with just colloidal silver in it. I mist the air in the bathroom, mist on & around the toilet, in the shower, over the sink & faucet, on the door knobs etc every morning.

Some other recipes I have that can be used in your bathroom:


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One thought on “Natural Do it Yourself Toilet & Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipes – Easy, Safe, Effective (DIY)

  1. I have a masonry jar of baking soda with tree tree oil in it & a spray bottle full of white vinegar. I sprinkle on the baking soda then squirt with vinegar. It works well but I’m excited to try out the soft scrub recipe, or pumice stone on stick that sounds great for those mineral stains! I use doTERRA essential oils in my cleaners. They are so pure we need to cut the amount in half for the cleaning recipes. I make all my cleaners. Love knowing I’m not poisoning my family. Took me years to really believe what I was seeing that when I used Clorox wipes we got a tummy bug right after every time.

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