Leven Rose organic Jojoba oil – Perfect Radiant Skin, Silky Hair – Love it

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Jojoba Oil, Organic, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined.

Leven Rose

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Our 100% Pure unrefined and organic Jojoba Oil from Simmondsia chinensis grown in Arizona, cold pressed.

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil is also unrefined, leaving the essential nutrients and fatty acids in the oil.

I first used Jojoba oil around 25 years ago in shampoo, my hairdresser at the time was selling a natural shampoo with jojoba oil in it that was amazing & it was her that told me how great jojoba oil was for skin & hair & she told me to wash my face with the shampoo & to not just use it as shampoo. She also later directed me to where I could buy jojoba oil to mix in shampoos, soaps, lotions face wash etc myself. Every since I have kept jojoba oil handy for certain uses. I was sold from the first use of the shampoo on my face & hair for using it to heal & prevent blackheads & to stay free of dandruff. I did run out of jojoba oil a few years ago & I was looking for a great brand to keep in stock when I read about Leven Rose Jojoba oil & what great quality their jojoba oil is. As in all things natural quality far out ranks the latest & greatest brand for me & the more I read the more I knew Leven Rose had a great quality Jojoba oil.

For that Ideal You, Nourish Your Skin and Body With our 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil today. 

Once my jojoba oil arrived I knew in an instant that Leven Rose had a far superior oil & it was a high quality product. I Leven Rose Jojoba oilused it right away on my chapped lips, I just put a drop on my finger & rubbed it in. It right away soothed & moisturized my lips leaving them feeling & looking great. That night after washing my face & patting it dry add about 5 drops of jojoba oil to a bit of raw coconut oil to moisturize my face, ears & neck as well as my hands. These 2 oils together are a powerful combo.

The next day I decided to mix up some body butter (recipes & directions here). I decided to try a new recipe for my body butter & it was so amazing I want to share it with you. This body butter recipe is my new favorite for face, hands, lips, feet, elbows you name it & it is amazing for skin health.

Body Butter1 cup solid raw unrefined (Virgin) coconut oil, 20 drops jojoba oil, 20 drops argan oil, 20 drops emu oil & 20 drops rosehip seed oil. Mix as directed here.

Compliments: I have been getting great compliments on my skin since I started using the Leven Rose jojoba oil. And I love it straight & mixed. It goes great in all my DIY beauty routines & in my DIY shampoo (no poo) & it is great as a pre conditioner or a hot oil treatment for hair too.

Shampoo: To use jojoba oil while washing your hair either add one drop to your hand with shampoo or add just a few drops to your bottle of shampoo (less is more do not add to much). If you are like me & you do not use shampoo hardly ever it is also easy to use Leven Rose Jojoba oil in no poo as well. I never mix my no poo ahead I mix as needed. Rather you mix your no poo shampoo ahead or make as needed you can use jojoba oil, if you mix as needed simply add 1 drop of jojoba oil to your mixture, if you mix ahead add a couple drops to your bottle (again less is more). You will love how amazing your hair looks & feels without dry skin or dandruff as a plus. If you hair is to oily after using joba you might have used to much.

I am happy to say that Leven Rose Jojoba oil is amazing & yes it is a “Cheree’s Favorite”  & my teens have enjoyed using it Jojoba-1-Bottle-Leven rosefor their DIY skin care & DIY hair care so it is also “Teen Approved” (reminder teens this is great to get rid of blackheads).

To buy your own Leven Rose Jojoba oil Go here

Giveaway Info: ended Ben L. is the winner

I will run this giveaway/contest May 8, 2014 till May 14, 2014. The link to enter is below. The winner will receive one 4 oz Dark Amber Bottle of Leven Rose Jojoba oil. Please make sure you fill out your full name, email address, PH# & mailing address in the giveaway widget. Your info will not be shared or used for any reason other than to contact you & to mail the product to you if you should win. Any entries with only partial info or that put improper info can not win. The winners first name with last name initial will be announced on Natural & Frugal: raising 6 kids Facebook page & Twitter. The company will send the winners these products. Thank you for entering this awesome giveaway.


Info from leven rose on their Jojoba oil:

100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Our 100% Pure unrefined and organic Jojoba Oil from Simmondsia chinensis grown in Arizona, cold pressed.

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil is Cold Pressed by using and expeller, which is a screw like mechanism that presses out the oil (actually a wax) without heating up the oil.

Keeping the oil from getting too hot is extremely important. If the Jojoba oil gets hot, certain properties of the oil are lost, leaving it much less effective, and beneficial.

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil is also unrefined, leaving the essential nutrients and fatty acids in the oil.

  • 100% Pure Organic, Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, made in the USA, leaving all of the important essential elements in the oil
  • Dark amber bottle for extended shelf life as oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to Protect Them From Oxidation. Oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency & become non effective
  • All natural and organic, nothing added or taken away, leaving you Golden Jojoba Oil in its natural state, making it easy for your skin and hair to absorb and nourish.
  • Leaves hair naturally smooth, silky and healthy, while repairing dry, frizzy, and brittle hair
  • Naturally moisturizes and softens skin, giving it a radiant, and energetic look

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Uses

  •  Eyes and face to remove makeup
  •  Face, as a moisturizer
  •  To the body as a moisturizer
  •  As a massage oil
  •  Soften Hands and feet
  •  Dry Scalp
  •  Dry and frizzy hair, split ends
  •  Dry, chapped lips
  •  Cuticles
  •  Acne
  •  Beards
  •  Stretch Marks
  •  Stretching ears

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5 thoughts on “Leven Rose organic Jojoba oil – Perfect Radiant Skin, Silky Hair – Love it

  1. I have never used Leven Rose before. I have used other products with Jojoba in the ingredients. Would love the opportunity to try this wonderful looking product!! Thank you for the chance!!-Danielle

  2. After the long, hard winter, I so want to try the jojob oil on my hair as it is frizzy. I really need some assistance in the hair department.

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