Tropical Traditions Whole Grain Soft White Winter Wheat – Recipes

Organic Whole Grain

5lbs Whole Grain Soft White Winter Wheat 

The Tropical Traditions line of Organic Whole Grains 
has been certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Healthy Traditions GMO Tested  medWheat, Soft White Winter is used primarily for cake or “pastry” flour. Its lower protein and gluten content make for a light flour and a tender baked good.Organic

Tropical Traditions 

Order your own: Whole Grain Soft White Winter Wheat 

From Tropical Traditions: With the news earlier this year that unapproved GM wheat was found in a farmer’s field in Oregon, we decided to test our wheat products also for the presence of GMOs. 

Woo Hoo are you ready to learn how to use another amazing Tropical Traditions product? As you know I love using & sharing with you about TT high quality products, & I totally love their Gold label virgin coconut oil & any product I can pair the coconut oil is a win, win & this soft white winter wheat fits well with coconut oil. And as my fans know to this point I Winter wheat 1still have not meet a Tropical Traditions product I do not love. And yes you guessed it I do love soft white winter wheat too, such a great addition to cooking & baking healthy.

So as all my fans know I love cooking & baking from scratch as healthy as possible & this soft white winter wheat fits into my way of cooking & baking so well & I love that this giveaway hits just in time for my Sourdough bread posts (starter for sourdough here & Coming soon how to make sourdough bread). Yes you guessed it I ground up some of this whole grain into flour & used it in making my sourdough bread with great success, It turned out so well I have actually sat more out to rise today to bake tomorrow. I also have enjoyed making sprouted wheat with this wheat & I do intend to before my sourdough blog post to have tried the sprouted wheat in my sourdough bread (Not sure why that did not occur to me before now). 


Sourdough Bread: Stay tuned that post is coming soon & I will add the link here when I do.

Sourdough starter: You can use this wheat ground up for making several of the sourdough starters here in my blog post.

Gravy: Just like with the coconut flour & the einkorn flour the flour made from this wheat makes great gravy, I did find it worked better mixed with einkorn flour or mixed with organic corn starch at least for my family, you might prefer it differently.  I start with saved stock/drippings in a pan over medium heat, add about 1/4 cup organic powdered/dry milk & 1/4 cup flour mixture (mixed or straight) for every cup or 2 of liquid, keep whisking & you also add 1 tsp of coconut oil (optional) & 1 teaspoon natural unrefined salt & black pepper.Add other spices of choice, keep whisking, you may need to turn heat down, cook until desired thickness & bubbling, you can add more liquid like water to thin if needed, we love to Winter wheat 3make sausage gravy, bacon gravy or even gravy from chicken & beef etc with this recipe. As a plus we like to also add just a but of finely cut up meat to the gravy.

Breading: I have used this ground flour to bread pork-chops & bake or fry them, I did again mix with einkorn flour for best results. I instead to try it for other things like my healthy chicken nuggets soon as well.

To make sprouted wheat: Add several cups of whole grains to a glass or stainless bowl, cover with enough warm filtered water to have several inches on top of the grains, (you can also do this in a small crock pot on low/warm). – Soak 7 to 8 hours. – Drain grains through a mesh strainer or sieve, then leaving them in strainer run clean filtered water over them. – Add to a jar with either the lid on loosely or with a breathable cover – Rinse grains again in strainer every day for about 2 to 3 days depending on how you will be using them. –  When to desired sprouting rinse & either refrigerate them or dehydrate them (dehydrate for flour & only sprout 1 to 2 days for flour).

sourdough bread loaf 1To dehydrate sprouts for flour, add to dehydrator (about 105 degrees) & dehydrate until dried. Or spread out on un-greased baking sheet & set on your ovens lowest setting & cook until dry (in oven is usually harder & varies on results). Then simply grind into flour.

Go crazy: Get creative & add this ground up to your favorite recipe, you might just fall in love with it too, yes I love Einkorn flour & Coconut flour but I feel that flour made from soft white winter wheat will be used a lot in my home alone & with other flours as the need varies.

Virgin Coconut Oil, Gold Label

How to Use Coconut Oil:There are hundreds of uses! 

As I said we love baking & cooking & prefer to cook healthier, so this great soft white winter wheat  fits into our life really well. I read of many who like adding this flour to their smoothies, I have to try that too.

 Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review  in return for the free product.

winter wheat 2

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Virgin Coconut Oil, Gold Label how to Use Coconut Oil: There are hundreds of uses!

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