DIY, Natural, Hand Sanitizer Recipes, for home, on the go, for kids too

DIY hand Sanitzer for better health & avoiding toxins.

DIY, Natural, Hand Sanitizer Recipes, for home, on the go, for kids too.jpg

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If you are like me you avoid commercial hand sanitizers & gels like the plague, as a matter of fact I might avoid them for me & my family more than the plague. But some of you might ask why? Well number one they are full of toxins, #2 those very toxins absorb into your skin & lower your immune system. Yeap the very thing you are using trying to avoid getting sick can actually contribute to you getting sick, not to mention the over use of the chemical Triclosan has been getting a lot of publicity, & it is lots of products so we also avoid those as well.misting spray bottles, travel size

When it comes to hand sanitizers you want them to be safe, effective & build the immune system. After all sanitizers are used on your hands & if you are using sanitizers on small hands their hands wind up in their mouths, & any toxins go in their mouths as well. So yes DIY natural Hand sanitizers for me & my family for health, & we love they always have multi uses as well as are easily made.

Great ingredients for adding to hand sanitizers, so you can use one of my recipes or create your own, you can read about most of these items here on my blog by clicking the hyperlinks & they all are great germ & bacteria killers & many also kill fungus & all help build the immune system:

You can also add rubbing alcohol if you prefer & you can add aloe vera gel to recipes to create a gel hand sanitizer

I like to make spray mist sanitizers that I carry in my purse, use at home & on the go, I also like that they can also double as spray cleaners for things like toilet seats & grocery carts & more while being safe enough to use on small hands & faces. And also great as fast car, home, motel room deodorizers (or public restroom deodorizers). And they can also be used as DIY rosewaterdeodorant as well.

For my spray hand sanitizers I use a small travel size spay bottle (see my post on where I get my containers).

Spray Hand Sanitizer #1:

Fill spray bottle with either straight vinegar, apple cider vinegar or citrus vinegar, you can also add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil combo such as Lavender, Tea tree, Lemon or Eucalyptus essential oils.

This is a common sanitizer to find with me because vinegar is so versatile & effective for cleaning & sanitizing.

Spray Hand Sanitizer #2: 

Add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oils in distilled water (like Lavender, or tea tree oil or Thieves oil). This sanitizer is one of those that is so easy to make but so effective.

You can add the amount of essential oils desired & it can even double as natural perfume & room deodorizer, great for spraying on beds in motel rooms too.

Spray Hand Sanitizer #3: 

Straight colloidal silver can make the best hand sanitizer & it lasts a long time, you can also mix it with vinegar or rubbing alcohol or your favorite essential oils. I carry straight colloidal silver all the time, just make sure to spray bottleadd it to a dark glass spray bottle not plastic & never mix it with peroxide.

Colloidal silver is so versatile you can use it to clean a toilet seat, to sanitize your hands, to disinfect the air, you can spray it up your nose for sinus issues & you can take it to ward off illness & to stop bouts of food poisoning even. (read my blog post on colloidal silver here)

Spray Hand Sanitizer #4:

To the misting spray bottle add straight peroxide or do half peroxide & half lemon juice, you can also add essential oil of choice.

Peroxide is a great non  staining, non bleaching cleaner that is an amazing germ fighting sanitizer, & when you add lemon magic can happen, sometimes lemon can be a bit to strong for sensitive skin so sometimes you may need to use less.

Spray Hand Sanitizer #5:

Add 5 to 10 drops of your Thieves essential oil blend (or Germ Fighter Synergy), fill the bottle up the rest of the way with either distilled water or colloidal silver & distilled water.

A great natural hand sanitizer for on the go, for camping, in the diaper bag, in your purse, great for times when there is no water to wash your hands.

Also works great for fast clean up of grocery carts, toilet seats & more. (learn how to make your own thieves oil here).

Spray Hand Sanitizer #6:

Fill the bottle with floral water of choice, or half floral water & 1/2 colloidal silver. I prefer using rose water, then it can also double as a cooling mist & a mood lifter & even an on the go car deodorizer.

Cream Sanitizer:

Simply make body butter using the raw coconut oil & essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil or your body butter1favorite combo. This is a great moisturizing sanitizer for all your skin. (body butter directions here).

Gel Sanitizer:

Mix aloe vera gel with your favorite essential oils.

Options to add: Colloidal silver &/or rose water.

I do not make gel sanitizers too much because we totally prefer the ease of using sprays, but my fans say they prefer using aloe gel so thank you for then sharing. Buy Aloe gel on Amazon

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DIY, Natural, Hand Sanitizer Recipes, for home, on the go, for kids too

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