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What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Salt Lamp is a fantastic addition to any home, office, or place of business. The air is filled with negative and positive ions. In order to maintain a healthy living atmosphere, these negative and positive ions must remain in balance. However, the electronic devices (televisions, DVD players, computers, cell phones, etc.) and YourSaltLamps.com 007aheating/cooling systems in our homes and offices produce an abundance of positive ions which throw our air out of balance. That, in turn, results in stress, insomnia and other sleep disorders, sinus and migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, and a host of other health ailments!

The beauty of salt lamps in more than one way:

I must admit I have really really been wanting a Himalayan salt lamp ever since I saw one several years ago & I noticed standing next to it how breathable the air was around the lamp. really it did feel more breathable, it felt more pure, it felt relaxing, it made me feel better even though I did not think I felt bad, so it was mood lifting too. So I came home & started researching & I discovered why such a little glowing piece of salt made me feel so much better & the air felt so pure. The information I found fascinated me & made me want a lamp that much more. I have a compromised lung & I have several ionic air filters in my home to literally make the air more breathable for me & I kept thinking how just standing next to that salt lamp had created the same effect only better & much more relaxing for sure. I had friends that got a salt lamp & I loved visiting the air around these great lamps, even on humid days the air around the salt lamp felt far less humid & even kinda cooling (not the right way to describe it, but it is the best way I can think of).


I was contacted by YourSaltLamps.com about reviewing one of their salt lamps, I jumped at the chance to finally get to see if YourSaltLamps.com 001athe effects I felt every time I got near a salt lamp would continue beyond the first few minutes. Since I was sent one lamp I mainly keep it here by my desk, but I have moved it around some, but I will get into that more in a few minutes.

Himalayan Salt, besides being incredibly mineral-rich, is also a natural ionizer and air purifier. With a Salt Lamp, you can help counter the undesirable health effects of the electronic devices that permeate every aspect of our daily lives, reducing the stress on your body and purifying the air you breathe.

The salt lamp arrived in a very timely fashion & it was packaged well, it was a bit heavier than I expected it to be, but that is actually a plus at least for me. I right away got to using it & I marveled at its beauty, as a matter of fact at first I kept looking at it & running my fingers over it, it was like having a new toy. Within minutes of plugging in the Salt lamp I could feel the air becoming more breathable, now I am sure most would not feel the difference, but because of my lung I for sure could feel the difference. So if you breathe normally you may not notice the change though I have told to others with no breathing issues that noticed the same changes as I noticed. I can not stress to you enough just how beautiful these lamps are, so do not worry that they wont go with your decorating style.

Now that my amazing & beautiful salt lamp arrived I also want to take proper care of it so it will be with me for a long, long time. So I will be following the advice on the website here for salt lamp care. After all Himalayan salt lamps are a natural element, salt so it must be cared for to maintain its beauty & effectiveness. YourSaltLamps.com 002a

If you want to use salt lamps in larger spaces you need bigger lamps or multiple Salt lamps, so do not expect one small lamp to do the trick in your whole room or whole house.

Himalayan Salt Lamps – besides being aesthetically beautiful and giving off a warm, inviting glow – produce negative ions naturally. Negative ions are known to help alleviate symptoms caused by allergies, sleep disorders, headaches, and depression, among other things. Negative ions help alleviate common indoor pollutants such as dust, mildew, humidity, and electromagnetic fields from electronic devices. These Salt Lamps come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size room you wish to ionize – however small or large!

Let me tell you a few other things I noticed about my awesome salt lamp, I am very prone to having coughing spells, sneezing spells & breathing issues just from smells like perfumes, cleaners, body care products & even fumes like gas etc. And even though we make our own cleaners & body care products sometimes I just can not avoid be effected by these smells, though rarely in my home. We had to also use the propane heat, & yes the smell bothers me, I noticed it bothered me everywhere in my house except when I was sitting here at my desk, then I started paying attention & realized the small area around my desk I could not smell the propane, yes I knew it could help odors but just never thought about it helping them so much.

Snoring: OK I rarely snore but as my fans know my husband does bad, I read about using the lamp in the bedroom to help snoring, so you know I had to try it, & guess what? it works! the only draw back is it is a light & my husband woke up because YourSaltLamps.com 003ahe likes to sleep in darkness, me I seemed to have slept better even with the light on, my breathing felt more normal. So if you do not mind the gentle glow of the lamp, try it is your bedroom for less snoring & a great nights sleep. I might not have figured out yet how to not wake my husband up with this awesome lamp, but trust me I will keep trying to get him used to sleeping with it on 🙂

What are Negative Ions? 

Negative ions are colorless and tasteless molecules that are abundant in nature. Mountains, beaches, and waterfalls all contain these negative ions. When negative ions enter the human body, a sense of calm and well-being results.
It is recommended that you leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp lit as much as possible to achieve optimal ionization and the absolute best air purifying results. Additionally, the heat provided by the light bulb inside your Salt Lamp will drastically reduce the amount of moisture build-up around the lamp. The more you leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp plugged in and turned on, the more beneficial it will be for your surrounding environment.

I have to say I not only do not ever want to be without this great salt lamp, I now want more & I really want a travel version, yup I am addicted to breathing better pure air. I would also love to get some candle holders & other things Sole Salt Chunksfrom YourSaltLamps.com, as a matter of fact I ordered some salt from them after receiving my lamp & again I was impressed by their shipping time. I ordered Sole Himalayan Salt Chunks for making my Sole water, I have now included the link to this great product to my blog post on making & using Sole water. So check out YourSaltLamps.com for all your salt needs & check out all of their awesome salt lamps.

This Salt lamp has changed my life in more ways than I could say, no longer do I feel the need to run the ionic air filter near my desk, I instead am using the lamp & to me it feels like it works better & of course I know it is healthier too. Because this amazingly beautiful lamps is better than expected it is on my Cheree’s Favorite list, my Family Wishlist (to get more) & on my Toxic free in 2014 list.

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  1. A friend gave my son one for his birthday and he really likes it. It is brighter than a normal night light, but does not get hot. So I put a ball cap on it and that dims it nice, but you could use a thin scarf maybe 🙂

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