Soap Lady Oregon – Green Tea, Sweet Vanilla, Comfrey Lavender and Garden Natural Handcrafted soaps

Natural handcrafted soap products in great scents for anyone in your home.Soap Lady Oregon soap 1

the 4 great scents we tried: #1 Green tea soap, a natural skin care soap – #2 Sweet Vanilla soap, a luxury body soap – #3 Comfrey Lavender soap, a soothing healing soap – #4 Garden soap, an all-purpose body soap

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Each batch of soap is hand-stirred, poured, hand-cut and labeled.  We have the time to treat each customer with care. – Soap lady Oregon.

We love Soap lady Oregon’s soaps, the more we use them the more I recommend them to everyone I know. I already did a review on the hand-made shampoo bars from Soap Lady Oregon & are happy to also have been given the chance to try 4 of the handcrafted hand & body soaps, just like with the shampoo bars we had no sensitive skin issues, no hives, no allergic reactions of any kind.

Adding these bars of soap to the little bags makes them so simple to use & later & then hang to dry, this is especially important because hand made soaps need to stay dry not sit in water or they will literally ruin & go to mush. Of the 4 soups I was sent It Soap Lady Oregon Sweet Vanilla Soapwas hard picking a favorite, but I must admit I am partial to using the Green tea soap, I love how it makes my skin feel & I really am not much of a person who ever uses soaps, but when I do need soap the Green tea soap is the one I have been reaching for. My husband has really liked the Garden soap for getting his hands clean after work (so yes it is Husband approved)

We specialize in soap that help sensitive skin.  Customers keep asking for more, which gives us a reason to do what we love: make more soap! – Soap Lady Oregon

Teen Approved: All my kids love these soaps & also love the shampoo bars, but my teenagers especially love using the soaps, & tell their friends about them. If you go in my bathroom there are shampoo bars on a rack staying dry a bar soaps hanging in their bags staying dry. Everyone has their favorites & if they can not find it, well I hear about it lol.

Soap Lady Oregon Comfrey Lavender SoapKaren AKA Soap Lady Oregon makes totally awesome handcrafted products & she has other scents of natural soaps to pick from as well as a full line of handmade soap & body products. As I brought out before Karen is also very knowledgeable of so much about a natural life & she has amazing customer service too & that is a must in the world of ordering online. I will be reviewing more of her amazing products in the near future so stay tuned. And I am happy to add these Handcrafted soaps to my “Cheree’s Approved” list & the “Family Wishlist

We are a small business dedicated to handcrafting soap that is good for your skin.  We us all natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. – Soap Lady Oregon.

I want to also point out something great that Karen at Soap Lady Oregon offers so you can easily try more than one scent. She offers a Soap Grab bag (sampler of her great soap scents) at the bottom of this page. These grab bags are so my type of thing & Soap Lady Oregon Garden Soapcontain ends and pieces of a variety of her quality soaps.  These are great to use by the sink and are a wonderful way to sample the varying scents to find your favorite, or to give your friends to let them know how wonderful Soap lady Oregon is.

Shampoo bars: My review here of the shampoo bars, & my 17-year-old daughter did her own review of the Lavender Almond Shampoo bar, make sure & check it out on her blog Naturally Teen Approved here.

Information from Soap Lady Oregon on the 4 Soap Bars we are using:

Soap Lady Oregon Green Tea soap  ~  All soaps now contain Tussah silk!~

Green Tea Soap: A skin care soap.

This soap is infused with generous amounts of pure
green tea and home-grown lemon verbena.   Green
tea is rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation
and protect cell membranes.
Green tea is also rich in Vitamins C, D, and K. This
soap is scented with a clary sage and lemongrass
essential oil blend, which also promotes natural skin
healing and regeneration. The soap has no colorants,
only the infusion of the tea as colorant.
Ingredients: Green tea oil, essential oils of litsea,
lemongrass, clary sage, and melissa, and Tussah silk.

Sweet Vanilla Soap: Luxury soap.

Remember the taste of creamsicles? This soap is not
to eat, but you will be tempted…. Real vanilla bean
seeds and pods combined with vanilla fragrance oil
and sweet essential oil make this an unforgettable
soap. Evening primrose oil and apricot kernel oil are
added to the recipe for extra creamy lather,
moisturizing, and a healthy dose of vitamins and
essential fatty acids for your skin.
Ingredients: Evening primrose oil, apricot kernel
oil, sweet orange essential oil and vanilla
fragrance oil, and Tussah silk.

Comfrey lavender: 

Comfrey is one of those super healing herbs.  It speeds cell renewal, treats inflamed skin, and speeds healing of cuts, burns, and eczema.  Add in lavender for further healing properties and an incredible scent and you have a wonderful hand and body soap.

Ingredients:  Comfrey root powder, lavender essential oil, and Tussah silk.

Garden soap: A powerful cleansing soap.

This soap works extremely well for cleansing hands
after working in the garden. Cornmeal and coffee
grounds work gently to lift that dirt and grime, yet
plenty of cocoa butter as moisturizer, keeps your
hands soft. Citrus blend cuts through grease, this is
the soap I reach for by the sink.
Ingredients: sweet almond oil, cornmeal, coffee
grounds, essential oils of lemongrass and white
grapefruit, and Tussah silk.

Check out Soap Lady Oregon’s Website & why to buy natural soap, & check out her information & you can order Shampoo Bars & order your own Soap barshere

Soap Lady Oregon
Disclaimer: The company provided me with free samples of the products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. (or do a giveaway)


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