Grandma’s laundry soap, cloth diaper safe, No dyes or fragrance great for allergies or sensitive skin

GRANDMA’S Laundry Soap

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It’s Not What’s IN our soap – It’s Whats NOT in it! 

GRANDMA’S is pleased to offer a low-suds, natural alternative to commercial laundry detergents laden with additives.  GREAT FOR DIAPERS TOO! This is not a detergent – it is a laundry SOAP.  No dyes or fragrance to aggravate allergies or irritate sensitive skin.  Economical – one bag does 40 loads!

After I have already fallen in love with Grandma’s lye soap, It is now time to see if I love Grandma’s Laundry soap as much, & I so do! I love that the Laundry Soap just like the lye soap has simple ingredients that equal great results. If you have sensitive skin or allergies & making your own DIY laundry soap is not for you, here is a great alternative, try Grandma’s Laundry Soap. As I said before in 70012-babymy review of the lye soap this is one very nice company with people who care & love what they do, & that all shows in the wonderful products they sell.

Top notch customer service with top-notch products the perfect combination you want when ordering any products, especially when ordering online.

Before ever washing my first load of laundry with this laundry soap I went on a search for what others have to say about Grandma’s Laundry soap I again just like the lye soap am hearing from many that it is AMAZING. I also shared some with friends for them to try so I could get more opinions to share with my fans. And I think we all agree Grandma’s Laundry soap is AMAZING.

Make sure to read my review Grandma’s Lye Soap Pure and Natural – Do you have Skin issues? Try Grandma’s

As you can guess in a home with 6 kids laundry is an everyday thing, & with 6 kids I also can give any laundry soap a total workout & put it to the test, & my family has sensitive skin & allergies to fragrances so could test how we reacted as well. So I first started off with just a simple load of clothes that were not all that dirty to just get a feel for how this new laundry soap worked in my machine. I of course also use citrus vinegar made from white vinegar & citrus peels in the final rinse to soften. 70012-babyAnd even though the first load was not a very dirty load it was more delicates & they came out looking fresh, bright & clean, no dinginess.

So next my daughter who is our queen of the laundry room decided she was taking over laundry now & she added a load of dirty smelly towels, she used peroxide & lemon juice in the rinse cycle as a softener (one of our favorite combos). And in just one washing the towels smelled & looked great, they smelled fresh with no lingering odors & no need to wash a second time.

These results continued load after load.

But what about our allergies & sensitive skin? not one of my family complained of any issues, I personally loved the way my clothes felt on my skin & how fresh my clothes smelled even after a couple of days in my drawer or closet’.

Go here to buy your own bag of Grandma’s Laundry soap

Hunters: If you have a hunter or hunters) in your family like I do, this non scented laundry soap is great to wash their hunting clothes in. My husband loved that his clothes were clean & smelled fresh or rather smelled like clean clothes 🙂

Grandma's blogGrandma’s Lye Soap also has a great blog here

Connect with Grandma’s online: website, Facebook & Twitter @GrandmasSoap

We really enjoyed using the laundry soap, so it is on my Cheree’s favorites list, Husband Approved list &  Teen Approved, but I am also very happy to include Grandma’s Laundry soap on my Toxic Free 2014 list as well.

So yes I recommend Grandma’s Laundry soap & Grandma’s lye soap they are both AMAZING cleaners & AMAZING for sensitive skin & allergies.

Information from website on Grandma’s Laundry soap:

By popular demand!  GRANDMA’S is pleased to offer a low-suds, natural alternative to commercial laundry detergents laden with additives.  GREAT FOR DIAPERS TOO! This is not a detergent – it is a laundry SOAP.  No dyes or fragrance to aggravate allergies or irritate sensitive skin.  Economical – one bag does 40 loads!

Separate delicates from regular items;  separate colors from whites.
Pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled collars or cuffs with GRANDMA’S Laundry Stain Stick. (Always check for colorfastness on an inconspicuous part of garment first.)
Wash delicates in cold water on gentle cycle or by hand.
Wash whites in hot water.  Choose laundry cycle based on type of item and amount of soil.

NOTE:  Add ½ cup of white vinegar in final rinse to soften clothes naturally and to keep appliance clean & free of buildup.

A little information for you on another great product that I tried Grandma’s lye soap:

Grandmas lye soap

GRANDMA’S Lye Soap is a pure and natural soap unlike anything else on the market. There are no detergents or additives – it’s just pure, natural soap, more or less like folks used to make 100 years ago, and it’s all made here in the U.S.

Make sure you go check out all of Grandma’s lye soap products, from soaps for babies to soap for poison ivy & everything in between such as After workout bar soap, Lip Soothers, Pet soap, Goat milk soaps, Lotions, & herbal soaps.

Disclaimer: Grandma’s provided me with free samples of the products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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