Pets Naturally – Coconut oil, ACV, Clay, Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous earth, Colloidal silver

We really do love animals naturally

I asked my fans on my Facebook page a year ago if they would like me to write a note about natural ideas for pets, I got an overwhelming response of YES! And I did write that note, but many kept asking me to transfer natural kittythat note to my blog for easier sharing, & well here you go I finally have. So to keep from having to update the note & update the blog post the original note links to here.

This information has been progressively added to over the last year, but if you do not see what you are looking for I would be happy to see about adding the information here for you.

This is simply what we do & it works very well for us, many might not agree but it works for us, I do urge you to do your own research as always because I most definitely am not a vet.. Many are shocked that we rarely ever need a vet with as many animals as we have. If vet bills were a constant we could not afford for my kids to have pets. We take our animals to the vets to be fixed, for the shots that are necessary & for any emergency care we absolutely can not do ourselves.

Mainly I give our animals the exact same things we take, the things on my top 10 list are used for humans & animals.

Our Animals

We have at any given time multiple cats, dogs, chickens, lizards & all get treated naturally. I have also used my natural stuff on horses, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, birds ,ducks, goats, pigs etc. & lots & lots of strays that show up with all kinds of issues. I even have one stray here that showed up with the side of her head bashed in & I totally cared for her myself (yea now I am keeping her). We live on a country road so strays coming around is just normal.

What do I use for my animals:

Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is great for healing & drawing out toxins, & can be given or used as a poultice. It is new to this list but can be used on lots of issues listed below, go here for information & click these links for using it for your pets:  wounds, for poisoning, & more by searching here  (Buy hardwood activated charcoal powder on Amazon)img_2282

DIY Pet Shampoo

I use the same things for shampoo on my animals that we use for us (No poo baking soda, ACV, Lemon juice, peroxide, coconut oil, olive oil, Borax, colloidal silver. Simply add to a cup with warm water & pour on the amounts needed, work in a wash off, Just like no poo for humans. Or you can also use the baking soda in a paste with water or any of the above liquids & work it into wet hair, Great for deodorizing & great for many skin issues too just do not add the essential oils in the recipes unless you know they are safe for your pet.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Reptiles and Other Pets If you’re a pet owner, colloidal silver is a “must have” product in the home. 

Add to pet food:

Our dogs & cats are very healthy, happy, strong, energetic, not overweight with shiny coats. I also get asked about my healthy animals & the vet the few times we have went talks about how strong they are. So what I do for them works well. I add DE, coconut oil, Clay & ACV to food, amounts are dependent on weight of animal & on the animals taste or pickiness lol)

DE more info on feeding animals DE here .  I also add a few drops of ACV to my pets daily water

Animal food mixing info

  •  For Dogs: I add 1 tbsp DE or 1 tbsp clay powder & 1 tbsp activated charcoal powder mixed into dry food with 1 tbsp of raw coconut oil on top
  • For Cats: I add 1 tsp of DE or 1 tsp of clay powder & 1 tbsp of activated charcoal powder, mix into dry food with a sppon of raw coconut oil on top.
  • Chickens: I add the DE sprinkled over their food, DE is also in the dirt where they dust themselves, ACV & Colloidal silver is in their water. Also giving them activated charcoal granuals.
  • For dogs & cats you can add I add the food to a pot on the stove, just heat just to the point of being hot, turn off & the coconut oil, DE, clay & activated charcoal. & stir till coated.~I also add scrambled fresh eggs, gravy or stock sometimes for dogs.

Natural pet health care: (Emergency care too)

Feline lower urinary tract disease. FLUTD: 1/18/14 How awesome is activated charcoal? Well pretty awesome actually.It saved one of our cats last night without a doubt.He had not urinated in 24 hours & when I searched online I realized he had a blockage from either a small tumor or a stone, so we gave him activated charcoal water & colloidal silver.I then made a poultice with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, wheat germ oil & colloidal silver & covered his whole stomach area. It right away eased his discomfort & he slept like 5 hours & woke up as he finally started going again, yea he had to go a lot but he is now back to his normal self. More information on FLUTD  What Does It Mean When a Cat Stops Urinating?

Parvo: I have now saved 2 dogs who got parvo, I gave them both lots of colloidal silver giving it to them every few hours night & day till they were fine (like a qt or 2 a day of 10ppm colloidal silver). I also at least an hour away from the colloidal silver gave them activated charcoal water (2 tbsp of activated charcoal to 1 cup water) once or twice a day. They lived when the people down the roads dogs did not. Here is video on curing parvo in dogs with colloidal silver, And using colloidal silver to cure Parvo. You must be very persistent with colloidal silver, keep giving lots even if it means 3 or 4 quarts, do not let up. Colloidal silver is known to cure parvo but you must keep on top of it & it can be given to other dogs exposed to prevent (1 quart a day)

Fleas/mites/ticks etc: -All animals- Add ACV to daily water & sprinkle DE like flea powder on your pets coat every day or 2 & rub into skin also sprinkle any bedding, this works great, you can even sprinkle it on carpets & furniture over night then vacuum up or leave it you can also sprinkle on baseboard, in cupboards etc to kill fleas & other bugs safely. (more natural pest control ideas here).  You can also give dogs Raw Garlic to repel fleas.

Parasites/Worms: Add extra DE to food & in treats etc & continue to give daily for prevention, info here. You can also give them kombucha tea. -All animals (& humans)- You can also give dogs garlic. I highly recommend to also give activated charcoal powder.

Hot spots &/or dry skin: -All animals- #1 Rub area with Coconut oil & bathe with baking soda water (no soap & no rinsing) & mist hair & skin with ACV several times a day, or mist with Kombucha tea or apply a kombucha scoby to the spot. #2 Just wash with baking soda paste & warm water very good possibly adding raw honey to the baking soda, wash off good then use apple cider vinegar in warm water possibly also with raw honey, work it in & only lightly rinse off.

For aging pets: -All animals- Coconut oil, ACV & DE added to their diet (helps give them energy, helps ease any pain, makes health conditions better & great for general health).  Give dogs kombucha tea or make a chew toy out of a SCOBY.

Kidney issues: -All animals- ACV works great added to water & give extra colloidal silver, Kombucha tea also works great. Add the DE to their food also

For illness such as cold, cancer bacteria, or strange animal illnesses: -All animals- Give them extra coconut oil, DE & ACV. Also add extra colloidal silver to their pure water. Give Kombucha tea

Also give baking soda water (be careful giving to cats)

For wound care: -All animals- Colloidal silver & coconut oil applied to wounds (or spray colloidal silver on). You can also make a paste with colloidal silver, clay & coconut oil & apply. If bleeding add Turmeric powder (just a pinch) to stop bleeding. Wash area with baking soda water often. Apply a kombucha Scoby like a bandage over wound.

Draining or bloody wound, abscess or hot spots: -All animals- Mix raw coconut oil & wheat germ oil in equal amounts  (like 1 tsp each) & add 1 tsp activated charcoal, 1 tsp of colloidal silver, a pinch of Organic ground Turmeric powder, mix & apply to wound.

The oils are healing, soothing & antifungal, the CS is healing, soothing & antibacterial, activated charcoal is healing & detoxing, & Turmeric is healing & will stop drainage & bleeding

Mange, rashes other skin issues: -All animals- Bath in baking soda water, spray with acv & colloidal silver, while dry sprinkle on DE & rub in. Give extra DE & colloidal silver. Also you can rub coconut oil on any skin issue.

Ear cleaning solution: for dogs only unless you research using it for cats & other animals.

  • 1/2 Witch Hazel
  • 1/2 rubbing alcohol.
  • Use cotton swab or wash cloth to clean ears

Colloidal silver & your pets:  Here is a great video on using colloidal silver for your pets 

Things I use and why:

  • ACV~ I add to water & food daily for general health, for pain & to ward off fleas
  • DE ~  -Food grade only- Daily in food for general health, can also be added to water, bedding, on pets, to rid them of fleas & skin conditions & taken to rid of parasites, also great for pain
  • Peroxide  ~ – Food grade only- Can be added to water for sickness or cancer
  • Coconut oil ~ -Raw- used for general health daily gives a shiny coat & is great in wound & mouth care & for general pain.
  • Colloidal silver or CS~ great given during sickness or times of distress or as needed  taken inside & out.
  • Clay ~ great for minerals animals need taken daily
  • Honey ~used in wound care & for mouth sores
  • Wheat germ oil ~ Also great for sores & wounds especially on cats
  • Real olive oil ~ great as animal hair conditioner & wound care
  • Baking soda ~Perfect to bath animals in baking soda water & not rinse it off, great for odor control
  • Pure water~ is a must
  • Kombucha tea ` It can be used just like apple cider vinegar.
  • Scoby+ Kombucha culture ` Great health benefits & make a great rawhide like chew treat.

Essential oils: First off essential oils & cats just do not get along for the most part information here. But if you want info for using essential oils for dogs go here

Questions from fans:


Q: anything for Parvo (dogs)

A: Give them colloidal silver & clean them & every thing with colloidal silver. Information


Q: Anything for dog ear infection to use either ingest or external use?  Thanks so much

A: put a few drops of colloidal silver in each ear several times a day.


Q: My cat has an autoimmune disease – pemphagis – incurable so she is on steroids which will damage her liver – have got the dose as low as I can, but Id be so grateful for any suggestions

A: for auto immune try adding bragg acv to water & giving a little raw coconut oil to cat food (plus I would for sure add DE). Of course I am not suggesting to take her off the meds.


Q: my dog keeps getting rashes all over watch turns into sores from scratching. the vet claims it was allergies but to this day I don’t believe it. it clears up on meds. but comes back when done with them. my poor dog. & its starting to come back.

A: Rub area with Coconut oil & bathe with baking soda water (no soap & no rinsing) & mist with ACV several times a day. Also mist with Kombucha tea or apply a kombucha scoby


Q: Worms? In dogs?

A: food grade diatomaceous earth for worms, give it to them Kim here is info 

Susan ~

Q: ive tried everything the vet said too with my shilohs dry skin…any suggestions?

A: Use raw coconut oil on any sores or bad spots, wash in baking soda water, mist with acv, give raw coconut oil, DE & ACV

Info links

Animals Health & ideas

My Pinterest board on Animal health Health: For our Animals Naturally 

I also have info on some of the products we use here: This is what we use & Products: Things we use 

More info on DE

Animals & Coconut oil: Animals and the Healing Power of Coconut Oil

Information on your pets & colloidal silver: hereAdministering Colloidal Silver to Dogs and Other Pets, Pets & colloidal silverHow Colloidal Silver Saved My Dog From a Nasty Stomach Infection, And you can search for other on The Silver Edge website.


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6 thoughts on “Pets Naturally – Coconut oil, ACV, Clay, Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous earth, Colloidal silver

  1. My 10yr old Chinese Crested has KCS, and was prescribed a medication that I am not comfortable with giving her. Could you suggest a more holistic treatment for her. Thank you!

  2. My dog was initially prescribed opt immune for kcs(dry eye), and no results in producing tears, now I the vet has prescribed a compounded drug, tacrolimus. I apply coconut oil daily to the eye for a lubricant. I also apply honey when the eye gets infected. I wanted to know if you can suggest something natural that may help her produce tears. Thanks so much, Roxanne

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