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Cacao Goji Power Snacks – Dried White Mulberries – Cacao Sweet Nibs

Oh my, let me tell you how to take snacking, smoothies, recipes & more to a whole new level, take them to a superfood level that will be so great your kids will beg for more. As my fans know I am totally a mom who loves healthy snacks for my family & we love smoothies too, so Navitas naturals fit totally into my life.

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From the moment you open the first bag of any Navitas products you can smell & see the quality & goodness, & of course you read about each product & know these snacks are coming from an awesome company & are great for your family.

Cacao Sweet Nibs: I must say you can never have enough of these nibs on hand, they are so Cacao logoversatile & easily used, bursting with flavor & goodness. I added them to all kinds of smoothies, to milk kefir, to oatmeal, in cookies & other baking, as topping on yogurt & ice cream & my kids loved them added to peanut butter sandwiches, I even enjoyed them right out of the bag. And Navitas has a bunch of recipes I have to try at some point, check them out here. These little nibs are tiny but can for sure fill your chocolate craving.

antioxidants  |  iron  |  magnesium

Cacao also contains a number of vital minerals—especially magnesium and iron—along with vitamins and fiber. An incredibly complex food, cacao also contains unique and potent chemical alkaloids including anandamine, theobromine and phenylethylamine.

Info on Cacao Sweet Nibs from website: Navitas Naturals Cacao Sweet Nibs are made by gently rolling crumbled cacao beans in raw cacao liquor and then lightly sweetening them with organic cane juice. These versatile nibs have a strong dark chocolate flavor. They’re a perfect snack right out of the bag, and they are an ideal ingredient in recipes that could use a chocolate crunch. For more information & ingredients go here.

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Dried White Mulberries: My first thought when I saw that these mulberries were in my sample package I had to chuckle & say “How in the world did Navitas know that I was really missing the mulberries I grew up eating in FL?” Yes it is true every mulberry season me & my cousins lived in the mulberry trees (not just the white but also the black) & ate as many as we could before the season was over. So instantly I knew I would love them, but boy I had no idea how much I missed them & really would love them. I ate the right out of the bag, I added them to my smoothies, to baked sweet breads, to hot grain cereal. to kefir & yogurt. Ahh I am in love! And again Navitas has a great list of recipes here.

antioxidants  |  vitamin c  |  resveratrol

100% organic, raw, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and never contain any preservatives.

Info on Dried White Mulberries from website: Dried white mulberries are treasured for their unique flavor and texture, and for their antioxidant content. Navitas Naturals Mulberries are akin to a dried fig in flavor and chewiness. Our Turkish mulberries are a satisfying snack, or they can enhance virtually any recipe. Try this sweet superfruit in trail mix, granola, yogurt, smoothies and baked goods. For more information & ingredients go here.

powersnack logoCacao Goji Power Snacks: I only got 2 of these they were such a hit in my house, even my husband loved them (I suspect he finished off the bag). My kids kept begging for more, & you know I love that they are not only willing to try healthy snacks but they also prefer them. My teenagers even were talking about how filling just one piece was. These snacks are perfect to carry in my purse for long car trips, great for camping, hiking or whatever, also a great anytime snack kids will love.

gluten free  |  antioxidants  |  no refined sugar

A rich source of magnesium, cacao is also loaded with antioxidants and theobromine. Goji berries contain some rare compounds like germanium – an important mineral. The red chewy berry also provides protein, fiber, antioxidants and lots of beta carotene.

Info on Cacao Goji Power Snacks from website: Navitas Naturals Cacao Goji Power Snacks are made from the most nutrient dense functional superfoods including cacao, maca, chia, and camu-camu. We sustainably source the most nutritious, wholesome and delicious ingredients available, and now we’ve combined them into flavorful grab-and-go snacks that you can enjoy anywhere

All 3 of these products are very kid friendly, yea they wont taste like the refined sugar filled treats in the Navitas 2grocery stores, but if you offer your kids better alternatives they will learn to love them. All 3 of these products are now on my “Cheree’s Favorites list” The “Family Wishlist”  & part of my Toxic Free in 2014 blog posts.

And Yes I recommend Navitas Naturals, check out all their amazing products.

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Disclaimer: Navitas Naturals provided me with free samples of the products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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