World’s best, Lavender scented, Natural, Multiple cats clumping cat litter (Review)

Do you have inside cats? Are you looking for a natural solution to cat litter?

Well I might just have the answer for you.

“Cat’s motto: No matter what you’ve done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it.” – Unknown

World’s Best Cat Litter.

Worlds best cat litter Collage

Cats!! You gotta love them!

As all of you know we live as natural as possible & that includes our many animals as well, I treat them with natural remedies & they all love things like coconut oil, DE & vinegar too. Because we live way out in the country & because we have 6 kids we seem to collect/rescue lots of animals & most of them are cats. Right now we have 9 cats, but next week it could be 10. Seven of those cats have found a permanent home with us, the other 2 we are in search of good homes for them & both we rescued & have loved Worlds best cat litter 2naturally. Of the seven permanent residence cats 5 get to visit us inside & hang out. So we require a natural cat litter that can handle multiple cats & be easy for the teenagers to keep up with. Oh & odor control is a must because nobody wants to smell that rather there is 1 cat or 20.

What greater gift than the love of a cat?  ~Charles Dickens

I started hearing how great World’s best cat litter was so I contacted them, they have been totally great getting the product to me & communicating & will even be sponsoring an upcoming giveaway, so stay tuned for that too.

The cat litter arrived in a very timely manner & my son ran out to UPS to get the package not realizing just how heavy it would be, it was funny to watch him determined to get that package inside & not wanting help. He succeeded in getting it in & we Worlds best cat litter 5opened the box them the bag to check it out & I am pretty sure my son was slightly upset it was not a treat for him, but he’s only 8 & very fast was excited to watch our cats check it out.

I right away love the lavender scent, & I love that the scent lasts even after it has been out of the bag & the cats have been doing their business. It is a clumping litter so it makes for easy clean up. Our cats seemed to have no issues going from natural clay cat litter to this brown lavender scented cat litter (I can only imagine that’s how they thought of it).

LAVENDER SCENTED MULTIPLE CAT CLUMPING CAT LITTER: Made with 100% all-natural scented lavender oil, this multiple cat formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented. No synthetic chemicals, clays or perfumes! Your home stays smelling nice, while keeping nasty odors and smells inside the litter.

With as many cats as we have wandering in at any given time this cat litter was put to the test fast & passed the test, all the cats Worlds best cat litter 4agreed they liked it 🙂 I do have at least 1 cat who very easily gets allergies from dust & anything out of the ordinary, she’s Lady our oldest cat & shes 8 years old (Had her since she was 4 weeks old) And we have kept an eye on her & she has done well with this cat litter & she loves the bag & rubs on it (She has made it hers I guess, shes the orange & white cat pictured. Sarafina the broad stripped cat pictured, is 4 years old & Worlds best cat litter 6probably one of our pickier cats & she does not like change, she did check out what was in the litter box but seemed to be fine with the new litter. Punkin is the large furry male pictured, he is the laziest cat we have, so we were concerned he would decide the litter was a bed of lavender to sleep in (he has done that in the past), Yea maybe if he did we would know he loves the litter, but thankfully I am happier to say he did his business & left 🙂

So I do recommend World’s best cat litter even if you only have one cat, give it a try you will totally love it. This cat litter so makes it on my “Cheree’s Favorites” list & my 3 teen daughters have said how much they prefer cleaning the litter box now that it smells lavender, so the Worlds Best cat litter is also” Teen Approved“.

People that don’t like cats haven’t met the right one yet.  ~Deborah A. Edwards

World’s Best Cat Litter™ leaves your litter box problems in the dust so you have more free time to do the things that you really love. Using concentrated power, our family of all natural products help you Worlds best cat litter 1maintain a cleaner litter box and guarantee outstanding odor control and high performance clumping

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Information from the website:


World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses the concentrated power of corn to help you use less litter to maintain a cleaner litter box. Unlike other litters whose ingredients require excessive amounts of litter to trap odors and clump effectively, World’s Best Cat Litter™ harnesses the concentrated power of naturally absorbent corn. Our patented production process compresses corn into concentrated granules giving our litter natural absorbency and long lasting performance.

The end result is World’s Best Cat Litter™ – the ONLY litter uses the concentrated power of corn to ensure you enjoy a cleaner litter box with less hassles and less litter. It’s guaranteed or your money back!

From the FAQ’s page:Worlds best cat litter 3

How is World’s Best Cat Litter™ environmentally friendly? 
All of the formulas within the World’s Best Cat Litter™ brand are made with 100% natural and renewable ingredients. Our formulas contain no synthetic additives, chemicals, clays or perfumes.

Is World’s Best Cat Litter™ safe for cats, people and the environment? 
Yes, as our packaging states, World’s Best Cat Litter™ is pet, people and planet friendly. We have confidence in the safety of our product for you, your cat and the environment. World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented, advanced technological process to create formulas that harness the natural absorbency of renewable ingredients. World’s Best Cat Litter™ is safe for people and pets because it contains no chemicals or silica dust. It’s safe for the planet because it is made from renewable ingredients and is not mined or drilled.

Is World’s Best Cat Litter™ tested on animals? 
No animals are used in testing the product. World’s Best Cat Litter™ is tested using simulated urine in the labs – no animals.

Disclaimer: Worlds Best Cat litter  provided me with a free product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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