Review: – Reusable Recyclable Plant Protector Bags

Reusable & Recyclable Plant Protector Bags.

Today I will be reviewing these great bags to protect your plants from the cold, ditch plastic & use a reusable Plant Protector, “Year round plant protection with style”.

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Info from Website: The Decorative Plant Protector Bag by Easy Gardener Garden Harvest Supply Plant Protectorprotects delicate shrubs, trees or plants year-round from frost, strong winds, heavy rain, and hail. This decorative bag is made of an attractive green woven fabric that allows your foliage to breathe while providing optimal protection from the elements. The subtle leaf pattern blends into your landscape, while the drawstrings on both top and bottom makes sure that it stays in place. Extend your fall tomato harvest, protect young trees and ensure that your landscaping stays healthy and beautiful. Simply apply when the weather requires and remove as soon as the danger to the plant, tree or shrub is past. Reusable time after time, they are also eco-friendly. A 2-pack, each bag measures 40” wide x 45” tall.

Most  of you will know exactly when the danger of frost is imminent, as  your local weather person will keep you apprised. But, wouldn’t you rather be a  little more prepared?

Then,  take a walk in your yard and determine which plants, shrubs or young trees may  require frost protection and plan ahead by having as many plant protectors on hand as  necessary. These are a wise investment to protect the hard work and money that  you have put into your landscaping.

Does not protect from freeze conditions

Organic seeds

Do you buy your organic seeds now to start inside later to plant in your harden?

Have you checked out Garden Harvest Supply’s Website yet? I could spend all day checking out all the great items they sell. Remember it is never to early to start preparing for your Spring garden &  is a great place to start. So make sure to go check out their seed collection & all their great gardening supplies.

Other places to find Garden Harvest Supply online: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google Plus.

Review of the “Easy Gardener” Plant Protector Bags:

Plant Protector

I wanted to use these bags before writing my review & I must say they are easy to use as long as you take a kid along to help you 🙂 yea I always have a kid to help me.

With these bags you can add them over plants in your garden like tomatoes & plant protector 2extend their life & lengthen the timeframe of getting more produce.

I love that these bags are lightweight but also are effective, these bags have an opening at both ends with a drawstring so you can fit your plant best to protect it.

I love green & love that these bags are green 🙂 We also discovered that an 8-year-old boy can effectively pull this breathable bag over his head & look like a shrub 🙂 so yes we had fun using these bags & as a plus they worked beautifully.

These bags would make a great gift for any gardeners in your life, & the fact they are reusable & recyclable are an added plus to those trying to cause less waste & be more frugal.

So yes I recommend these bags to any natural gardener, or for those just wanting to protect their shrubs.

For $11 you can by a 2 pack here customer service

As I said in my last review about their jam – I must say that the people at Garden Harvest Supply are very friendly, & ship fast with good communication. I was in Contact with Joseph. So he picked a few products for me to review.

So check out Garden supplies for all your gardening needs from Organic Vegetable seeds & Garden tools, to Pest control & everything in between.

And while you are on the website create an account & start earning reward points for every purchase.

So go check out & see what you can find to fall in love with.

Disclaimer: provided me with free samples of products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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