Review: Hyland’s – Leg Cramps ointment – Calm Fort sleep aid – Family friendly – Natural relief

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I can not remember when I started using Hyland’s products, but it has been lots of years for Hylands 1sure & I always know I can trust their products to work for my family & have used them for pregnancy, labor, my newborns all the way up to my teenagers.

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The 2 awesome products I will be reviewing are: Hyland’s Leg Cramps Ointment & Hyland’s Calms Forté sleep Aid.

Hyland’s review

I will only be reviewing 2 products but If I was to review all of Hyland’s products you would hear me say the same things over & over again, amazing, effective, family friendly & recommended. So they fact I am only reviewing products in no way means the other products are not amazing. I have suggested them for everything from teething & earache to migraines. So check out their website & find your new favorite product. And of course the 2 products I am reviewing today are amazing, effective, family friendly & recommended.

Review: Hyland’s – Leg Cramps ointment – Calm Fort sleep aid – Family friendly – Natural relief

Leg Cramp Ointment

I love this ointment, we also use the Leg cramp tablets & the ointment took the relief to the Hylands Leg cramp 1next level.  Last night my husband was having a bad restless leg & cramping issue from standing at work for over 12 hours, so I rubbed the ointment on & he said within minutes that it was giving him relief. Then before you know it he was snoring & keeping the rest of the house awake 🙂

My teens & pre teen also like the Leg Cramp line for their growing pains

It also is great to rub on cramping feet, backs etc.

So I highly recommend the whole leg cramp line for cramping & even restless leg.

Info right from Hyland’s on Leg Cramp ointment:Hylands Ointment

Oh, the pain and ache from leg cramps! We understand how dire your need is for comfort and relief. Hyland’s Leg Cramps Ointment soothes your calves and legs while also warming the affected areas.* “Ahhhhh, relief!” Cramps don’t have to last for hours. Keep the ointment by your bed or in your gym bag. Try Hyland’s Leg Cramp Tablets and Caplets in addition to the ointment.

For more information, visit”

Uses: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of cramps and pains in legs and calves

Active Ingredients | Purposes:

  • Aconitum Napellus 3X HPUS: shooting pains in legs
  • Arnica Montana 3X HPUS: leg pain that starts low and moves up leg
  • Ledum Palustre 3X HPUS: cramp-like tension in knees, calves, heels
  • Magnesia Phosphorica 10X HPUS: cramps in calvesHylands leg cramp 2
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 6X HPUS: leg pain relieved by warmth
  • Viscum Album 3X HPUS: shooting pains in legs

Inactive Ingredients: Butylparaben N.F., Glyceryl Monostearate N.F., Kokam Butter, Methylparaben N.F., Olive Oil N.F., Propylparaben N.F., Purified Water, Soy Lecithin N.F, Stearyl Alcohol N.F., Wintergreen Oil Natural.

Calm Forte sleep aid

Calm Forte is great to have a relaxing nights sleep rather you just need to stop stressing, Hylands Calm Forte 1having hard time falling asleep or are having sleeping issues or need relief from insomnia, non habit-forming, Natural homeopathic without drugs, You wake without the groggy feeling & that is a major plus, take about a half hour before bed & feel the calmness.

I have used the regular Calm before but never the Calm Forte sleep aid, so as everyone knows I go through bouts of insomnia from the chemo that is getting better with time, but when a spell hits it can fry my brain & make my brain fog so much worse, to the point everything around me can become confusing. And of course for about a week I have been in my insomnia bout. So last night I took the Calm Forte sleep aid, & just sat and relaxed about a 1/2 before bed, by bed time I could for sure feel that I was tired, I could have probably fallen right to sleep. But as I mentioned above my husbands restless legs were in full action (he went to bed about an hour before me) so even though I could feel the effects of tiredness I rubbed his legs & then his snoring began, I did at some point fall into a nice deep sleep, & that for me is a major plus. But something was going on with our little dog & he woke me up several times during the night whining so I had to get up with him. But I did fall right back into a good sleep when I went back to bed. & I woke at 7am feeling not tired.

Pluses about Calm Forte to me, I do have 6 kids so I am happy I can be waken easy after taking it & awake functional even if woken multiple times during the night.Hylands sleep aid

I do highly recommend the Calm Fort Sleep Aid

Info right from Hyland’s on Calm Forte sleep aid:

Don’t even think about another bad night’s sleep. Your body is built to rest. Calms Forté® uses four homeopathically-prepared botanicals to ease your body and your mind, plus six minerals to soothe nerves and edginess. There are no sedatives, so no next-morning drug hangovers. This natural and safe sleeping aid has helped people get their much needed ‘zees’ for over 50 years.

• Temporary symptomatic relief of Nervous Tension and Occasional Sleeplessness

• Soothing formula eases tension and promotes sleep naturally

• Wake-up feeling refreshed

• Gentle, Safe and Effective

• All natural active ingredients

• No Diphenhydramine

For more information, visit Calm Forte 2

Uses: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of simple nervous tension, restless sleep, and occasional sleeplessness.

Active Ingredients | Purposes: Avena Sativa HPUS 1X Double Strength: stress, nervousness Chamomilla HPUS 2X: nervous irritability Humulus Lupulus HPUS 1X Double Strength: occasional sleeplessness Passiflora HPUS 1X Triple Strength: restless sleep form exhaustion Biochemic Phosphates (Calc. Phos. HPUS 3X, Ferrum Phos. HPUS 3X, Kali Phos. HPUS 3X, Mag. Phos. HPUS 3X, Nat. Phos. HPUS 3X): enhances cellular function

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose N.F., Starch (Corn and Tapioca), Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

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Disclaimer: Hyland’s provided me with free samples of products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.

Review: Hyland’s – Leg Cramps ointment – Calm Fort sleep aid – Family friendly – Natural relief


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