Review: Glass and Surface cleaner Tropical Traditions/Household Traditions

Review time!

So as I said in my giveaway picked the Glass & Surface cleaner to giveaway & review because of my husband my husband is not as big into DIY as I am.

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Review: Glass and Surface cleaner Tropical Traditions/Household Traditions

So are you ready for my review?

glass_and_surface_cleanerI am really starting to wonder if Tropical Traditions sells anything that I would not like, such a great company to sell these quality products that so many love & trust from Virgin Coconut oil, Oxygen bleach, Hair oil, Hemp Protein Powder, Dish Liquid, Palm Shortening to Coconut water vinegar & beyond.

Glass and Surface Cleaner Ammonia and alcohol free!

If you prefer to not make your own DIY products this is for you.

And I must say I do like the Glass & Surface cleaner, I still prefer my DIY cleaners, but at least with the Tropical Traditions Glass & Surface cleaner I do not feel like I must go right behind my husband when he’s in a cleaning mood using my DIY cleaners to remove the toxic residue he’s leaving behind.Glass & surface Tropical Traditions 1

Review time

OK just like always Tropical Traditions shipped very fast sending out the link via email so I could track my package on When the Glass & Surface cleaner arrived it was packaged well & useable right out of the box, It came with a reusable spray nozzle for easy cleaning, just remove the lid & screw it on, as easy as 1-2-3. And you can buy a larger jug from Tropical Traditions to refill your spray bottle reducing waste.

My kids were giggling as I walked around the house trying to find unique items to clean to put the Glass & Surface cleaner to the test. I of course used it on mirrors & counters & it did work well, but I wanted other surfaces. What did I clean that the Glass & Surface cleaner worked great on?

Stainless steal appliances, Large appliances rather stainless or not, cleaned DVD & CDs, stainless & porcelain sinks, my keyboard, the front glass door.

What I liked the most was with my damaged lung scents & cleaners can cause me to have major breathing issues & this glass & surface cleaner did not bother me rather it was me using it or my husband .

How did my husband like it, he loved it & I think he can replace his beloved Windex (gag me) with this awesome cleaner, & he liked the convenience of being able to clean the kitchen, the windows & the mirrors all with one cleaner.

My by far favorite use: Was using the glass & surface cleaner to clean my reading glasses, just spray on, let sit a minute & wipe clean (I also added some to a small misting spray bottle for this purpose).Glass & Surface Tropical Traditions 2

My husbands favorite use: adding 1/4 cup of Glass & Surface cleaner to a mop bucket with hot water & a few drops of Dish liquid & moping our laminate floors.

Another great use I found: make a paste with the Glass & Surface cleaner, Dish Liquid, & baking soda & use like soft scrub.

Here is a comment by a Tropical Traditions customer: I have a flat surface glass stovetop. I manage to keep it clean with  Tropical Traditions Dishwashing Liquid and water. It wasn’t until I used the Tropical Traditions Glass and  Surface Cleaner that it looked shiny. I even used the Glass and Surface Cleaner on my stainless steel double  oven and dishwasher and they look great!

Info from

  • No ammonia, alcohol or harsh volatile solvents
  • 0% VOC (Volatile organic Compounds)
  • No rinsing required
  • Non-streaking
  • No fragrance or dye added

Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner uses a revolutionary technology which guards your health from harmful irritants and inhalants yet effortlessly  cleans glass and most surfaces without the use of ammonia, alcohol, or harsh, volatile solvents normally found in  most glass and surface cleaners; even those labeled “natural.” Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner  contains no fragrances or dyes.

Directions for use: Spray Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner directly onto  the glass or surface to be cleaned. For a fast drying, streak free finish, wipe with a clean, lint free, dry cloth.  NO RINSING IS NECESSARY! Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner can be used on ALL glass including treated  glass, auto windshields, Plexiglas, light fixtures, and mirrors. It can also be used on chrome, appliances, vinyl,  stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, countertops, walls, floors and more! It is ideal for computers and computer  screens (spray onto cloth and wipe). If unsure about a surface, test in a small hidden area first.

Contains water and mild plant-based surfactants.

Tropical Traditions Home Page: Here
Buy Virgin Coconut Oil: Here


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