Review: SmartKlean Laundry ball – Order here – Stain remover – Safe – Effective – Saves Money, Water & the Environment

SmartKlean Laundry ball and Non Toxic Stain remover.Future Review & Giveaway

When I was researching the SmartKlean laundry ball I was very impressed, & I am happy to say I will be reviewing the SmartKlean Laundry Kit: 1 SmartKlean® Laundry Ball + 1 SmartKlean® Stain Remover

Review: SmartKlean Laundry ball / Stain remover – Safe – Effective – Saves Money, Water & the Environment

The SmartKlean Laundry ball:

First some great info right from the SmartKlean website:


The SmartKlean FAQ’a & Troubleshooting page
SmartKlean has some great videos here
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My reviews:

When I contacted SmartKlean they respond fast so A+ on the great customer service, they SmartKlean 4also shipped fast & safely. The directions for using the product are easy to understand & the website offers great information. So A+ all the way!

The Laundry ball:

I opened the box the laundry ball was in first & I read how to use it, I right away cleaned my washer as suggested, I do not use commercial detergents, Bleach or softeners I am totally DIY, but I decided to give the laundry ball the best start to do the cleaning anyway. So after that I did my first load. We had just went without a washer for a while so have been catching up on laundry (with 8 people it only took days to have several mounds as big as Mount St Helen’s to wash) So I could really put the laundry ball to the test with some really dirty & smelly loads.

My first load: I washed some smelly towels in cold water (laundry ball uses cold only) I did as it suggested & only let the washer run the wash cycle & the spin cycle & then stopped the washer.

The result: As I opened the washer & picked up the towels I noticed they felt not at all harsh & had no small at all, so I threw them right into the drier & after they were dry they smelled SmartKlean 3like fresh washed towels with no odors or perfumes & they felt cuddly soft.

My second load: For my next load I wanted to try the stain stick, I had also read for stains or whites I could add some oxygen bleach or peroxide & the laundry ball would make the products work better. So I found some light-colored & white stained clothes & a few were set in grease stains. I used the stain stick, added the clothes & laundry ball to cold water that had 1/2 cup of my DIY Bleach alternative in it in it & ran the washer, I did run the washer through the rinse cycle as well.

The result: I opened the washer & started checking out the clothes, they were nice & clean & brighter. So I started checking all the areas I used the stain stick on & around 95% of the stains were gone including the set in grease stains. That’s impressive in cold water.SmartKlean 1

More: OK so I ran more loads trying different methods & to put the Laundry ball to the test, I read that using Borax or baking soda was also OK for help with stains & for those with really hard water & that the laundry ball also helps them work better. & I also did a load with oxygen bleach because I have some from a recent review. Each & every load came out amazingly great rather I added extras or not. I prefer the loads with just the laundry ball so I can conserve water by just washing & spinning (when I use baking soda or just my DIY bleach alternative I also only did a wash & spin skipping the rinse cycle) & in the dryer even with towels we noticed less lint, softer, towels, sheets, blankets etc. that stayed fresh. I also tend to use essential oils on a dry washcloth near the end of the drying cycle as it cools down & I was pleased that SmartKlean recommends this same method for those who want long-lasting scent on their laundry.

The Stain Remover:

As I stated above on the very first try with the stain remover I had around 95% success even with set in stains. And having 6 children & some of them are young & can really stain SmartKlean 2clothing & a husband who comes home from his factory job almost black I knew I had many stains I could try the stain remover on.

The more I used it the better the stain stick worked, it must be me & I figured out how to use it just right or something. I would wet the stain/spot with water, white vinegar, peroxide or colloidal silver & rub the stick on the stain until it began a slight lather, then I would work the spot with a toothbrush wet with water or one of the other liquids. Most I threw right into the washer but a few items like my boys stain T-shirts & my husbands work socks I let sit until the following load. And I was amazed over & over again. Thank goodness I finally slowed down enough to take a few before & after pictures 🙂

SmartKlean Stain remover before & after pictures:

This first picture is of my blouse, it has a lot of white & me & white do not get along, I got ketchup on the side, yea if I had been wearing another color I would have never gotten ketchup on my blouse. But anyhow It even washed & dried it forgetting it was there (my kids washed it) & the stain remover got it out, thank goodness.

before after 1
The next picture is a before & after of my husbands work socks, as I said before he comes home almost totally black from his factory job & his socks never stay looking good. And frankly I get where I do not try hard on the things he wears to work. But amazingly the stain remover got them nice a white.

before after 3
OK I decided to try the stain remover on a blouse my daughter was given that had pit/deodorant stains. It had been dried many times & so because of the ick factor it just sat in the laundry room. It came almost totally out after 1 use of the stain remover. So I bet one more use will get it all.

before after 2
Are your boys like mine? I swear they find the nearest mud hole sometimes, & since they do their own laundry ( 8 years & 11 years old) I sometimes must come to the rescue removing stains after something is dry. Well anyhow in both the blow pictures I used their dirtiest play shirts that I quit trying to get the stains out of months ago (logo covered on green shirt) so in both cases I was not expecting much to come out of them. Even though both still show stains, shock of shocks many of the set in stains did come out & the shirts are even slightly brighter. So I say that is well amazing! Thank goodness I will not need to worry about what to do on the next stain they get in their good clothes.

before after 4
before after 5

Yes I even came up with a few DIY ideas:

To do these DIY ideas first let the laundry ball sit in room temp water in a bowl agitating it for several minutes, then you can use the water for these DIY ideas.

Mix in a paste with Baking soda &/or Borax for a great stain fighting soft scrub that removed lime scale in my shower,

I used some of this water for my no poo routine & it worked great mixed with baking soda as shampoo (1 tsp. baking soda to 1 cup of the water mixed)

I found it a great addition to my sink of dishes when hand washing.

I used the water with the stain stick to remove spots & stains on my upholstery, on floors, on vehicle seats, on mattresses with great success.

It was great wiped anywhere there was an odor on counters or in the fridge etc, just soak a washcloth or sponge in the water, wring out & wipe not rinsing off, it is great to get rid of odors so we also added it to a misting spray bottle with a few drops of essential oils to mist as a room deodorizer as well.

Do you want a SmartKlean Laundry ball of your own?

Order a SmartKlean Laundry ball on Amazon here


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5 thoughts on “Review: SmartKlean Laundry ball – Order here – Stain remover – Safe – Effective – Saves Money, Water & the Environment

  1. This is an awesome laundry system!! I have been using my for nearly a year now so I am just about ready for a replacement! This is all I will use or ever use. I never have to worry about my clothes picking up any toxins and they are clean! I share about SmartKlean on my FB status often. I would give you my info many times over to be entered into your giveaway! I am so glad you were sent this product to review, what a wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  2. Would love to save water, lower my utility bill and still have bright, soft and clean clothes. Since I do not own a dryer, I would love to see how my towels feel line dried after using this system.

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