A DIY Life: DIY Natural Bleach Alternative – Laundry – Booster – Softener – Cleaner – All in one

Do you worry about using bleach in your home, around your family & pets? But maybe you think there is not a Safer natural alternative?

bleach alternative

 I have shared this recipe many times on my Facebook page & even in other blog posts for my favorite DIY color safe bleach that can be used safely for so much more. So this blog post is about all the great ways to use this safe natural bleach alternative to replace toxic bleach in your home & never look back.

Commercial and Natural vs DIY cleaners and your immune system

I have this great recipe shared in my cleaning blog series, How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room, #1 A DIY Laundry Room: How to be Green & Healthy & I even mention it in a few of the other posts in the series as a cleaner. But I wanted to do a blog post on just it so I could share how much I love using this & telling others about it & just how great it is.

The below recipe is a Color safe bleach alternative that is a disinfectant. sanitizer, is antibacterial, odor remover, & also can be used as a fabric softener, (& an alternative to bleach in cleaning).

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A DIY Life/Ramblings: DIY Natural Bleach Alternative Vinegar jugLaundry/Booster/Softener/Cleaner – All in one

DIY Color safe Bleach alternative
2 cups peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in the brown bottles or Food grade peroxide diluted to 3%)
2 cups fresh lemon juice or lemon juice concentrate (or Lime Juice)
Optional: 10 to 30 drops Lemon essential oil (or other essential oil of choice, I love to add lemon & Eucalyptus essential oil)  Also I sometimes use 1 cup each peroxide & lemon instead of 2 cups. I have also used some lime juice to make it lemon/lime. (sp play around with it & get it the way you like best & works best for you).
Add to an empty gallon milk jug, vinegar jug or other gallon container/jug & fill the rest of lemonjug with filtered or distilled water.
When not using store in a spot that is dark out of direct sunlight because of the peroxide in this mixture, this greatly prolongs the effectiveness of this mixture.
To use as a Laundry Booster: For white loads add 1/2 cup to 2 cups. For color loads add 1/2 cup to 1 cup.
As a Laundry color safe bleach: Add 1/ cup to 2 cups to the bleach container or when you normally add bleach. What I do is add it to the bleach cycle & the rinse cycle on towels. whites etc for extra brightening/whitening & softening power plus odor eliminator.
As a Fabric Softener: Add to rinse cycle for extra softening, you can still use vinegar or Paeroxide 3Epsom salt, baking soda as well for extra germ killing & softening power & depending on the hardness of your water. I have never had this mixture fade or dull my clothes but you might want to check first. (this works amazing & awesome on odors)
To Whiten Whites: Use hot water & add your whites to the washer with several cups of this bleach alternative, mix in well & let sit until cool, then just add laundry soap, & run as normal, adding the color safe bleach to the rinse cycle as well.
HE / Front Loader washer cleaning Cycle: I use this mixture during my HE washer cleaning cycle instead of bleach or buying those packets. I sometimes add baking soda in with it. For info go here.
Cloth diapers & Nursery: This mixture can also be used in the wash, bleach cycle & rinse for cloth diapers. It can also be used as the soak in diaper pails to kill germs, bacteria & odors. And is a great disinfecting spray for Nurseries, baby & kids rooms. For more info check out my blog post: #8 A DIY Babies Nursery: How to be Green & Healthy
To use as a disinfecting spray cleaner: Simply pour the mixture from the gallon jug into a spray bottle and use as a multi-purpose cleaner & bleach alternative or make a small batch here.
Multi uses disinfecting cleaner: Great to use with a dishcloth / paper towel to wipe counters, clean refrigerator shelves, wipe things down, to dust with. It is also great to mop floors with.
Tub, Tile & grout cleaner: Simply mix the bleach alternative with baking soda &/or borax in a paste & scrub with a scrubber or toothbrush, letting sit before washing off. Great all over the bathroom & Kitchen.
Toilet cleaner: add 1/4 of the gallon jug to the toilet tank, let sit about 10 minutes flush so Lemon Essential oilthe mixture will now be in the bowl, (add another 1/4 jug of the bleach alternative to the tank if desired) Now add about 1/4 baking soda to the bowl with the color safe bleach & swish around with toilet brush, let sit 5 to 10 minutes or longer & clean well with toilet brush. Flush.
Window, Mirror, Glass cleaner & Chrome shine: I use bleach alternative in a spray bottle for glass, mirrors, chrome etc, also stainless appliances. it works great. Some have had hazy issues or a film cover using, so if you add 1 or 2 drops of Natural liquid soap to the spray bottle it usually solves this issue.
In the dishwasher: You can add a few splashes of the bleach alternative to your dishwasher Lemon Juicewith your dishes, & you can also add it in the dishwasher as a rinse aid.
Hand washing dishes: Add a 1/2 cup of color safe bleach to your sink of dishes with your dish soap.
DIY Soft Scrub with bleach alternative: Mix the bleach alternative with baking soda in a paste & use just like soft scrub, for extra scrubbing power you can add a bit of salt.
Hey & guess what? it is great in natural DIY pest control too here


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