A DIY Life: Amazing Combo – Earth’s Living Clay Wound Warrior – Colloidal Silver – Olbas oil -Poultice for Stings/Bites

Ouch! Time to sooth that bite or sting!

What an awesome combo, Wound Warrior, Colloidal Silver & Olbas Oil!

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All of you know how much I love bentonite clay (Wound Warrior) & use it for so much in myspray bottle wound warrier 2DIY Life, Skin, Hair, deodorant, Tooth powder, healing, for health, for my animals/pets on & on. I also rave about Colloidal silver and the seemingly never-ending uses for health & my Frugal DIY life. And everyone knows I love essential oils & Olbas oil is a must on my list of essential oils. Combine them & they can be amazing for skin issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Rashes, Acne (Blackheads/Pimples), Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Boils, Stings & bites & whatever else your skin can come up with 🙂

A DIY Life: Amazing Combo – Earth’s Living Clay Wound Warrior – Colloidal Silver – Olbas oil poultice for Stings/Bites

But today we are going to discuss using these 3 for bites & stings in a combo. Yes I know olbas oil 1there are other great natural  items that can effectively be used for bites, stings & every skin issue under the sun. If you cruise through my blog posts & my Facebook page you will find many natural ways to treat bites, stings & skin conditions that are awesome. So just because I am sticking to talking about these 3 items in a combo by no means that I do not use other natural DIY ideas for my skin.

What a combo!

About a month ago now I got stung by a bee in between my fingers, kinda right there where my wedding ring sits on the inside of my ring finger between my 2 fingers, you know that wound warrier 1very soft thin skin. I almost could not get my wedding set off & my fingers swelled out away from each other. I sprayed colloidal silver with Olbas oil on it & then packed on the Earth’s Living Clay “Wound Warrior”, Instant soothing! I then applied more Wound Warrior to make it pretty thick, all over both fingers, in between on the sting. Every time the mud started drying I spritzed it with colloidal silver & Olbas oil.

I had gotten stung just as it was getting dark & for me bee stings usually last forever, I wolbas oil 2ashed off the Wound Warrior mud in the morning it was not hurting or itching & the swelling was minimal. So I sprayed it again with the colloidal silver Olbas oil combo & re-applied more Wound Warrior on thick & I kept respraying the clay as it dried. Within just a few hours all signs of the sting were gone.

If you look up using bentonite clay, colloidal silver & essential oils on Wasp or bee stings the Silver edge colloidal silver generatorbentonite clay poultice will draw the stinger out, sooth, protect & heal. Colloidal silver is also great for stings, healing & protection, & the Olbas oil with essential oils in it is soothing, great for itching & inflammation.

Other times we have used this combo: While in FL 6 weeks or so ago we also used this combo for mosquito bites, fire ant bites & other stings successfully. Since coming home I have tried it on sweat bee sting, ant bites, mosquitos, no see ums, fly bites, tick bites, flea bites, Wasp, bee & hornet stings, chiggers & even stinging nettle with great soothing healing results. (And also used it to sooth & heal a sting from some kind of stinging caterpillar my son decided to pick up) My teens love this combo & my 15 year loves using it for her acne.

My third daughter is allergic to Wasp & bee stings & has even in the past needed an Epi Pen shot when stung & this combo stopped the reaction right away for her. (for her I also gave her Calcium Montmorillonite clay & colloidal silver as a precaution & to help her more) She is a a preteen & loves using this combo.

To read my reviews & info on each of these items check out my blog posts

Other great items to use for stings, bites & skin issues you can look into: Lavender essential oil, Oregano oil, Tea tree oil (& other essential oils), Raw coconut oil, Baking soda, Bragg Apple cider vinegar, Coconut water vinegarCitrus vinegar, Raw Honey, Lemon Juice, Lime juice, Meat tenderizer, Epsom Salt, Corn Starch, Milk of magnesia, Plantain (& here), Dandelion, Floral oils, & many herbs & spices.

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