Organo Gold – Black Coffee – My 30 day OG Challenge -Review

OG 4Organo Gold
Gourmet Black Coffee
With 100% certified Ganoderma extract.

Do you want healthier coffee? Then OG coffee might be right for you.
I did a review a little while back on the OG black coffee & the OG Green tea, check out my review here.

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Organo Gold’s Gourmet Black Coffee is sure to attract and awaken your senses. Its OG Organo Golddark smooth taste and deep aroma infused with authentic Ganoderma introduces coffee lovers to a new and delicious alternative. With OG’s Black Coffee, instantly enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee.

In response to messages I have gotten on other OG products & the ingredients in them: I want to point out that many fans have messaged me about the questionable ingredients in some of Organo Gold/OG’s products, First I do not sell OG so do not have first hand knowledge of all the products. Second, this is a good reminder to always do your homework on every product in a product line & that just because 1, 2 or more items in that product line are amazing does not mean the whole product line is amazing. I personally recommend the Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee & the Organo Gold Green tea as they both have just the black coffee & Ganoderma extract/ Green tea & Ganoderma extract & nothing else, no other ingredients, & I have personally used them. Beyond that you must decide yourself, & do your own research(well even research what I recommend since that’s what I always recommend first & foremost, research, research it again & research it deeper) thank you.

From Fan Kara on OG Black Coffee: I have been using OG for over a year and a half and also coconut oil, but not as consistently as my OG black coffee.  My cholesterol went down from 155 to 134!  Also significantly decreased my aches and pains, knots in my shoulders and completely eliminated my life long IBS.  Its fantastic stuff!

My 30 day OG challenge: This blog post is about me doing the 30 OG challenge, since doing my review several months back I have not been able to get more OG coffee even though I loved it, my plan was to get me a good supply out of next Organo Gold OG 5years tax return. But as all my fans know we went to go visit my home state of FL after 8 years the beginning of this month, while there I got to meet Carole of OG Café Ladies who sent me the original OG samples that I reviewed. We got to talking & Carole mentioned I should do the 30 day OG challenge. I was intrigued & asked more about it, basically for 30 days I use OG Black gourmet coffee every day & keep updating Carole & you of any changes to my health & updates I notice, or even any little side benefits I notice. So….. Challenge accepted!

I saw Carole a couple of times while in FL  & got my package of coffee the last day not long before we headed home. (I have a picture of Carole & myself, but please excuse how rough I OG Oragano Goldlook, the FL heat took me down lol) I waited OG 2until I got home to start the challenge, so day 1 was Monday July 8, 2013. So almost a week doing the challenge. Updates start below, & I will keep adding updates for the 30 days bi-weekly until the challenge is over. So check back to this blog post to get updates. I will start the updates off with the first 2 days I was on the challenge & today day 6. I love to use my morning coffee rather it is real coffee or a substitute as a great way to get a healthy start with getting part of my daily dose of raw Coconut oil, Pink Himalayan salt, baking soda etc. I have even been known to include some of my DIY floral waters to my coffee too. So you never know what healthy extras I might add to my healthy cup of Joe 🙂 But I love that the OG black coffee already has a major healthy kick with the added Organic Ganoderma extract.

My teenager loves OG black coffee so I better watch she does not steal any of my packets 🙂

How much caffeine do you drink in your brand?: Check it out here

OG instant coffee that taste like brewed: I personally have always preferred brewed coffee over instant anytime I opt to drink coffee over substitutes, even though the OG Organo Gold black coffee comes in a single serve packet that is instant I still love it & OG taste like brewed coffee too.

Just a few ways I love to fix & drink my coffee: – OG in hot water with natural cane sugar, and a spoon of raw coconut oil. – OG in hot water with raw honey & homemade coconut oil creamer. – OG iced coffee, – OG in a coconut milk smoothie, – 1/2 pack of OG in Hot water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, a pinch of baking soda, a spoon of raw coconut oil & a spoon of Cafix coffee substitute.

30 Day OG Challenge updates:

OG 3Day 1, July 8, 2013: Today I started the challenge, I am worn out from my trip & the heat Organo Gold OG 2made me sick, so I really needed a pick me up, So I made an iced coffee with added raw coconut oil in the blender. Boy did it hit the spot too!

Day 2, July 9, 2013: Ahh a hot cup of coffee hit the spot, I added a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, a pinch of baking soda, a spoon of raw coconut oil & sweetened to taste with natural cane sugar & used DIY creamer, emmm a morning healthy treat & It really helped get rid of a stress headache.

Organo Gold  OG 1July 14, 2013 6 days on the challenge: Just like last time when I used OG for just a couple of days I have noticed it gets rid of headaches & that the caffeine in OG black coffee does not bother me like it does in normal coffee. I was worn out after my trip but I think the OG helped me to snap back faster & maybe even stay focused on all the work I was behind on.

July 17: Yesterday was an off day for me so I saw no change even after drinking my OG, but thank goodness today I woke improved & last night I slept better than I have in a few weeks, so coffeeafter Oil pulling & a few other morning health related things I do I had me a cup of OG, I used around half the pack & a tsp. of Cafix, a spoon of raw coconut oil, pinch of pink salt & a couple of ounces of jasmine water. Yesterday I had my OG coffee like this. I love to get creative with my coffee & incorporate other healthy things I use daily right in my coffee to kick up the flavor in different directions & get a healthy start to the day all in one. Oh I have not had any headaches now in wow I guess 4 or 5 days & that is so not me.

July 20: I love-making different mixtures in my coffee using natural products to give it different health benefits & an extra health kick, & maybe just to get my daily raw coconut oil in, but I also like doing it because it keeps things interesting 🙂 I am drinking my morning coffee with a 1/2 pack of OG black coffee, a tsp. of OG coffee aCafix coffee substitute, natural cane sugar to taste & homemade creamer. So what creamer do I use, mine has milk (preferably raw & fresh) a fresh egg from my free range chickens, raw coconut oil, a bit of real vanilla & a bit of natural unrefined pink Himalayan salt in my blender or food processor. My creamer is based on the one in the recipe at the below link, I just change it to suit my whims & build on it sometimes, check it out.  (other ingredients I sometimes add, essential oils, colloidal silver, natural gelatin, raw honey. I have also used fresh made coconut milk, fresh made almond milk etc in the recipe)
A Primal Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer (makes a great delicious whipped cream also) Just coconut milk, egg & coconut oil here

My Husband does not like instant coffee at all so there was no way to even get him to try OG, he did finally let me add a packet to his coffee grounds in the filter when brewing his coffee, so in other words it brewed right along with the coffee, but this is another idea for those who want to still have brewed coffee, he normally adds 2 tbsp. of coffee grounds to his 12 cup maker, he added only just slightly less since the OG packet makes 1 cup, he put in his almost 2 tbsp. of coffee grounds & I poured the pack on the top & started the coffee, he loved it! of course that way it still tasted like his coffee so it was a win/win for him. I also tend to add several pinches of the natural unrefined salt & a pinch of baking soda to his coffee grounds, so yes that was in there too.

July 23: So just over 2 weeks on the challenge now! Here are a few of my thoughts & things I have noticed. No doubt the OG coffee is helping my headaches, I have also been looking forward to my cup of coffee more than usual, not sure if that is good or made I will have to get back to you on that LOL. I also have noticed I have slept better a couple of nights, only time will tell if that is the OG or not giving that side effect. I am drinking my first cup usually right after I oil pull every morning so it is very relaxing too.

Coffee is a great warm beverage to add some of your daily nutritional supplements to, just do not make your coffee taste bad 🙂 So many including myself love Raw coconut oil in our coffee so much that now coffee does not taste right without it &raw (Virgin) coconut oil is so healthy for you, so it combined with OG is a power duo for health, so drink up, get creative & 1

July 25: This morning I added 1/2 pack of OG coffee & 1 tsp. of Organic cocoa powder with beet juice & hibiscus in it, I added my spoon full of raw coconut oil of course & natural cane sugar to taste. I am still sleeping better so I am still pegging this to OG as the reason, I will be able to tell more once I get through the 30 days & then stop using OG for a bit so I can see the difference. Not a headache at all though since the first few days as they lessened daily.

July 28: I am for sure noticing much better sleep using the OG Black coffee, I did not drink it yesterday & did not sleep well last night so that is very interesting, & I can be getting a headache & drink a cup of OG black coffee and it goes away no matter how bad it was trying to be. Today I did want some brewed coffee because I smelled some brewing, rarely do I Organo Gold Blackwant it so I decided to make me 1/2 a pot with less coffee grounds & adding a whole pack of OG black coffee to the grounds. It taste amazing & mixes well & satisfied my craving for brewed coffee.

August 2: Well less than a week left on the OG challenge & I am totally in love with OG black coffee every way I have made it & I am very pleased at the no headaches, & how well I am sleeping. I have shared a couple with my 17-year-old & she says it settles her stomach & does not make her at all jittery or sick & it helped during PMS cramping. (she’s always had stomach issues & coffee has always made her to jittery) Speaking of jittery regular coffee rather brewed or instant & even many hot cocoa/chocolate drinks not only make me jittery, many times I feel down right sick after drinking them, I even feel this sickness slightly sometimes after I drink my coffee substitute Cafix. But I have never felt jittery or sick from the OG black coffee, not even in the slightest. So if you love coffee but get jittery or sick or have a reaction try the OG black coffee & let me know how it works for you.

Me & OG

Me & OG
Mug I won & I won a box of black OG coffee

August 5: I am loving OG coffee so much, & I have had some great comments from fans on their OG coffee journey, OG black coffee for sure is awesome for many people. Today I made my coffee with around 1/2 pack of OG black coffee, a spoon of raw coconut oil a pinch of natural unrefined Pink Himalayan salt, colloidal silver & my homemade creamer emmm.  I was not feeling that well this morning & the OG settled my stomach. Yesterday evening I was feeling the same way & I made a cup of OG black coffee using about 1/3 of a pack & used Cafix, raw coconut oil, Turmeric & colloidal silver & I felt so much better after & still slept fine last night. I love sitting down in the morning with a cup of OG coffee & enjoying my kids as they get up, this morning it was me & my youngest. Quality time!


My OG winnings

August 13: Sorry about being late on the conclusion of the 30 day challenge, a lack of internet prevented me from closing this up right on the 30 days, but no matter I am here now. My thought on OG black coffee are that I do love it & intend to try & buy me a supply at tax return time if I can fit it into the budget. How do I feel, I for sure have slept better & for me that’s big. No headaches other than some that tried to come on but I drank a cup of OG black coffee & they were history (again that’s big for me). OG did give me energy even though it helped me sleep even when I drank a cup late in the day, it also was soothing & relaxing. So my take is I have no problem at all recommending Organo Gold’s Black coffee for coffee lovers, the health conscious & for all around health benefits from the added Organic Ganoderma extract. So make sure you contact Carole at OG Café Ladies Facebook page here  to get more info, get a sample or to purchase your own OG black coffee.

Tell me what you like to add to your coffee or hot beverage for health?

More updates soon………

Organo Gold OG 3
Disclaimer: Carole of C.U. Succeed Independent Distributor (Of OG Café ladies) provided me with a 30 day supply of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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  2. Have always liked the smell and taste of brewed coffee but had to get off it many years ago. My niece knowing this introduced me to the OG black coffee. So I bought some for myself and my husband and we are enjoying it emensely. Tasste like real brewed coffee without the side effects of the jitters.

  3. Pls call me or email me I want to by some coffee Black w ganoderma Love it and know more of how to use coconut creamer

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