Review: Earth’s Living Clay – Wound Warrior – A family must have

Wound Warrior & all you can do with it.

Yes I use clay by another company already, but I do love calcium bentonite clay & wound warrier 1wound warrier 3loved the ease of carrying Wound Warrior with me on vacation & how it got used over & over again with awesome results. And since getting home I have also loves the convenience of just opening the container as needed without having to wait while mixing up clay & water.

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Why Wound Warrior:

Info on Wound Warrior right from Earth’s Living website here:

This one product can replace many creams and ointments in your first aid kit. Anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties combine with increased circulation at site of application speeds recovery from burns, bites, scratches, wounds and sores. Store in cool place away from direct sunlight.

Usage: Apply at least 1/4″ thick poultice directly to burn, bite, scratch, open wound or sore. May cover with gauze. Reapply as needed.

Ingredients: distilled water, pure calcium bentonite clay

I love Bentonite clay & review:

Clay has amazing healing ability & is already a go to item in our home, so I could not wait to get my hands on the Wound Warrior to try it out. I opened it & right away rubbed some between mywound warrier 2 fingers & on my skin just to try it out, I love how lightweight & silky smooth it was right out of the container. I knew instantly this is a product I would get hooked on.

Before my Wound Warrior arrived I knew Earth’s Living Clay was a great company, I had already been dealing with their awesome customer service & must Give Janet a shout out for being so great & getting this product to me before I left on vacation.

Got a wound? Get Wound Warrior!

During my vacation with my husband & 6 kids & 20 some other family members we spent time wound warrier 1with I had plenty of uses to try Wound Warrior on & it worked great every time.

One of my teen daughters has been prone to Impetigo since birth, or at least that’s what DR’s say it looks like even though it comes & goes is not contagious & none of my other kids have ever had it. But none this impetigo like sores my daughter gets can take months to heal. And of course she got one on her chin right before vacation, it was penny size so very noticeable. I started right away treating it with Wound Warrior along with a few of my other ideas & I saw marked improvement within hours. 2 weeks later & it is still there but only a few tiny spots remain & I am still treating it with Wound Warrior & love the results. My daughter has a few other of these sores on her body & we are treating them as well. Wound Warrior will be a must from now on for these sores.

Other wounds & sores treated with success during our vacation with Wound Warrior: Spider bite, Sunburn, new shoes blister, Fire Ant bites, Wasp sting, Cuts, Scraps, Bumps, Hives, Pimples, Blackheads, Boils & probably dozens of other uses I forgot about.

Update July 29, 2013: Wound Warrior is so amazing, a few days ago my husband cut a big gouged in his hand while moving heavy cement blocks. He refused to go get it stitched even though his Aunt who is a nurse said it needed stitches, he kept on working getting it dirty (we of course were out of band aides) By that night it was very sore, red & inflamed, he finally agreed I could clean it, so I cleaned it good with colloidal silver & then got him to agree to at least pack it with Wound Warrior. He said it burned as it dried & pulled (drawing out toxins) but that it was not a bad burning & at the same time it felt soothing, so about every hour I sprayed it with colloidal silver to keep it wet. The nest morning he washed it off & he was amazed & how well it had already healed, I so should have taken before & after pictures, but trust me taking even a picture of his would have been harder to get him to agree to than me getting him to let me treat it. No redness or soreness, it looked like it had been healing a week or more not just 8 hours. Oh yea now my husband loves Wound Warrior too!

Yup DIY ideas for Wound Warrior:

Since Wound Warrior was easily carried in my overnight case & purse & it did not get lost in the shuffle like several of my other items did I also would up using it for a few other uses that it not only worked great for but I discovered it worked amazing for.

Face mask/Face wash: I used Wound Warrior right out of the jar as a face mask & face wash, mostly just straight but sometimes mixed with baking soda &/or essential oils.wound warrier 2

Cream deodorant: You guessed it my DIY deodorant powder including my clay went missing for a day or 2, so I just sprayed lemon juice under my arms & applied a very thin layer of Wound Warrior under my arms & even in the hot Humid Florida weather it worked amazing & was not at al icky or sticky.

Hair pre wash mask: Ok this was amazing, to get chlorine out of hair simply spray with water. lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar & rub some Wound Warrior between your fingers & in your hair & let sit till dry & was out, it was very conditioning too.

Toothpaste: Just for the heck of it I tried Wound Warrior to brush my teeth because I already use Clay powder in my DIY tooth powder & love it. & You guessed it Wound Warrior did a great job on my teeth, so if my toothpaste & powders had gone missing & would have been covered.

In conclusion:

I highly recommend Earth’s Living Clay Wound Warrior & I intend to try some of their other clay products in the future. Even if you just used Wound Warrior for scrapes, bites & boo boos it is great to have around.

A few other great pre made muds from Earth’s Living: Hot Spot Healer, Muscle Mud, Psoriasisn’t, Rheumatism Relief

Disclaimer: Earth Living Clay provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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