A DIY Life: Beach ready Feet – Soft Hands worthy of holding -Year round – For Summer / Winter

You do not have to give an arm & a leg to naturally care for your feet & hands.


Oh those tired feet: Do you just want to keep your feet hidden & dread flip-flop weather? Do feet2ayour feet have dry skin, red patches or other issues that make them look like you were wearing barbed wire shoes all winter?

Lets go barefoot: It is time to run barefoot on the beach, in your yard, the park or wherever you are wanting to get barefoot, footloose & fancy free, with great looking feet.001hands

Give me a hand: And how about your hands, do you hide them away in your pockets just hoping no one wants to shake your hand?  And oh my they can hurt when the dry skin snags on something, is that you?

Raise your hand: Pull out your hands & be proud of them, wave them in the air like Miss America 🙂

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I get a lot of questions about care of feet & hands, but in all truthfulness I care for them the same way I care for the rest of my skin, And I always get compliments so it works!

Walk with me: Naturally love your feet & hands

The basics of DIY foot & hand care: I exfoliate & use a mask on my feet & hands once or twice a week, I moisturize my feet & hands daily, & I wash them daily of course but never with soaps, commercial antibacterial anything, or Toxic creams, rubs, cleaners etc. My whole family uses these methods for our skin, feet & hands.

To be totally beach ready check out my blog post with a DIY Sunscreen your whole family can use here.

food grade diatomaceous earthExfoliate: I use the same things that I exfoliate my face with to exfoliate my feet1feet, ankles & hands, like baking soda, Food grade diatomaceous earth, Epsom salt, Borax. (use any of these skin ideas on your feet & hands for amazing results)

Wash/soak: I only wash my feet & hands with baking soda just like the rest of my body, & I soak my feet whenever I feel like it in Epsom salt, baking soda & peroxide in hot water, sometimes I use Bragg Vinegar & lemon juice in hot water for the soak. For my hands I prefer to soak them in Epsom salt & unrefined salt in hot water. For more soaking ideas go here.

003handsFoot & Hand Mask: Just like my face I use a mask on my feet & hands usually just before exfoliating. I like to use Clay powder, raw honey & raw coconut oil, or Clay powder & colloidal silver. Apply allow to dry (about 20 minutes) Go here for more mask ideas.

Moisturizing: After washing & before bed or just as needed rub raw unrefined coconut oil on TT gold labelyour feet & hands, or you can use wheat germ oil or real olive oil or use any of these body butter recipes.

Essential oils: You can add essential oils to any of the above steps, some that are great for skin mixed with either exfoliate, washing, masks or moisturizing are. Lavender, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, orange or patchouli.

Washing dishes, taking a bath or using soaps: Me personally I never use soaps, body washes, commercial beauty washes, commercial shampoo or conditioner for bath & shower, so these things do not get on my skin to dry them out or to absorb toxins into my body. For a bath & shower I use baking soda as my soap & shampoo as stated here. Other things I use in the bath/shower for body & hair are all the things listed above, for DIY shampoo ideas go here. When washing dishes by hand I prefer a little bit of natural soap, sometimes I just use one of my DIY laundry soaps for dishes here, & there are dish soap ideas here , I also enjoyed this dish spray bottleliquid. But most of the time for dishes washed by hand all you will find in my sink is baking soda & borax, colloidal silver & a bar of Zote soap sitting near by if it should be needed. After every bath or hand washing dishes I always run raw oil on my hands like coconut oil or body butter.

Teen approved: My teens & pre-teens love exfoliating with Epsom salt, baking soda & lavender essential oil on their whole body & love it on their feet, they also love washing there hands & body with baking soda. They love using raw coconut oil or body butter as moisturizer. So when I hear people say “just try to get a teenager to use that”, I say “I have & they love it”, my teens & their friends love my DIY ideas.

Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, athletes foot, rashes, hives & other skin issues: Using 005handsall the above not only gives you soft healthy skin on your feet & hands it can also effectively treat many skin conditions or prevent them. Items like baking soda, borax, raw honey, raw coconut oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, colloidal silver, clay powder, essential oils (especially lavender & tea tree), peroxide, lemon juice, Diatomaceous earth, rosewater, plantain water etc. These can all be mixed into your skin care routine for great results with any of the above skin issues, allergic reactions, funguses etc. Great for your feet & hands, great for your whole body.

003handsI get lots of questions about feet & hands or skin, I just got a message a week or so about helping eczema on hands, here is my response (same info can be used on feet or anywhere on your body): Washing hands with only baking soda never using soap. You can also do a clay powder hand mask with the clay & colloidal silver, clay & raw honey. I would also spray your hand frequently with colloidal silver & sometimes spray them with Bragg 002handsapple cider vinegar even though it might burn & rinse off after a minute. I would use the raw coconut oil on them as much as possible &/or the raw coconut oil & wheat germ oil body butter with maybe rosemary & feet3lavender essential oil in it  And of course drinking plenty of pure water, not using things your hands touch that have toxins like make up, beauty products, hair products, soaps, dish soaps, cleaners etc & be very careful what you eat, stay away from processed foods & sugars, no sodas, do not use iodized table salt, use natural unrefined pink salt. You can also once a day or a few times a week do a hand soak with Epsom salt, baking soda & peroxide in hot water & leave them soaking 20 to 30 minutes  then rub on the oil after just barely patting dry.


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