#10 DIY Floor cleaning: How to be Green & Healthy

DIY all things & cleaning your floors of all types.

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Wow I am already to post ten in my blog series on cleaning room by room, And just like the other nine posts in this series I basically use the same natural items I clean my house with to clean my floors, I even already mentioned a few in some of the other posts. Using the same items like Vinegar for cleaning the whole house saves everyone time, money & health plus the added peace of mind knowing that using these products in your home is safe for you, your family & the environment. This article is for cleaning your floors fast, easy & effectively using DIY safe natural cleaning products. A blog post on DIY cleaning your Walls will be in the subject of the next blog post in this series, so stay tuned for that.

In all truth you can go to any of the other 9 post in this series of articles & safely use the recipes found in them to clean almost everything in your home, cars etc.

Some of the things you need for DIY cleaning your Floors:

Make sure to check out my series of articles: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room, I will be adding articles on how to clean each room in your house, DIY, natural & frugal. Blog series of articles on: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room.

All things DIY for the whole house, Green cleaning, subjects being added: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kids bedrooms, nursery, office, floors, walls, ceilings, vehicles, & Pest control.

DIYDIY clean Floors: How to Green & Healthy, but are these DIY ideas as effective to kill germs, bacteria & grime  like commercial cleaning  products do?
Again the answer for me & many others is YES you bet they are! but I am guessing if you are still reading this series you agree & have looked up all the info provided in blog posts 1 -8, as I always say, research, research, research! If you ask me I will very fast tell you DIY green cleaning is down right amazing, then add to that we get sick so very rarely so that’s a big clue to them no compromising our immune system & them working.

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Now onto how to make all things: DIY Cleaning your floors.

Unless otherwise stated these DIY mopping recipes & Carpet recipes etc are safe for most flooring, spot checking would be best & only using a slightly damp mop on some floors like wood might be best, & reading the info on your flooring & carpet is advised, when in doubt try something else. & most of the spray cleaners in the other 9 blog posts can be used for cleaning up spills & spot cleaning.

For any of the below recipes that call for vinegar you can use Citrus infused vinegar

Basic floor mopping:
Just add a couple of cups of white vinegar to hot water in a mop bucket

For dirtier floors:
To the above bucket add 1 or all of these lemon or lime juice, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree essential oils, just a few drops Natural liquid dish soap or Dish Liquid, Colloidal silver.
Hard wood floors
1 to 2 cups of white vinegar, 1/2 cup lemon juice in a gallon of warm water, mop as normal.
To shine floors mix olive oil & lemon juice & buff floors to a shine.
laminate & linoleum floors
1 to 3 cups white vinegar, 1 tbsp of corn starch in a gallon or 2 of hot water, mop as normal

Hardwood floors shine/cleaner (can be used on other flooring also)
2 cups vinegar (Apple cider vinegar for dark wood, white vinegar or light wood)
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup of olive oil  (option: use vegetable oil if you prefer)
20 drops lemon essential oil
Fill bucket with very hot water

Wood baseboard, trim cleaner
Vinegar & Olive oil equal amounts, use a wash cloth & buff wood (Apple cider vinegar for dark wood, white vinegar or light wood)

Pet accidents on Carpet
Straight warmed vinegar, cover with folded towel & let sit
Or use a mixture of white vinegar, peroxide & eucalyptus oil, cover with folded towel & let sit
Or make a paste of baking soda, peroxide with eucalyptus essential oil, cover with folded towel & let sit then vacuum up once dry.

Cleaning carpet with vinegar & peroxide here

Broken glass on flooring
When glass shatters in smaller pieces it can be harder to sweep up or vacuum up.
Try this: sprinkle baking soda on area where glass is, then spray to only slightly dampen, use your broom to sweep up & the glass will get caught in the baking soda & will be easier to get even tiny slivers up, repeat if needed (this can also be done with salt or corn starch)
Do the same thing on carpet where glass is, only use a brush to work out the glass then wait till dry & vacuum up
Repeat as needed

Cleaning puke & other carpet mess
Spray or pour on spot: white vinegar or peroxide, pour a light covering of salt on area, make a slightly damp paste of baking soda & peroxide, add just a drop or 2 liquid natural soap mix & spread on area working in with a brush, allow to dry, brush off or vacuum, repeat if needed.

From Post #6
Because this happened in my room, cleaning up spilled paint or paint specks on windows & floors.
For carpet or furniture add strait white vinegar to Shampoo machine & use on hot setting, works like a charm but may require multiple tries
For hardwood floor/furniture, walls, windows etc pain drippings or speckles, Warmed white vinegar in spray bottle & dry wash cloth, toothbrush & scraper, also works like a charm, I usually let sit a minute or so before using one of my tools.

From Post #7
To clean food stuck on floors: Simply use a warmed wash cloth soaked in straight white vinegar (wring out so as to not drip) work out the food then allow to dry.Vinegar DIY cleaning

Carpet freshening Odor remover:
Sprinkle with baking soda or baking soda & borax, work in with broom, allow to sit several hours or overnight & vacuum up.
Options to add: (pre mixed before sprinkling) Essential oils, Peroxide or vinegar, Food grade Diatomaceous earth, corn starch

You can also sprinkle Oxygen bleach like Oxy-clean or Tropical Traditions oxygen bleach on carpets, rugs brushed in & upholstery, sometimes it is best mixed slightly damp with water in just a crumble & allow to dry & can add essential oils, leave several hours to overnight & vacuum up.

For Carpet Shampoo machines (double-check your machines info first)
Just white vinegar in hot water works amazing (use amount of vinegar that works best for you) You can also use Borax you have dissolved in hot water.
Options to add: Lemon juice, Colloidal silver, a few drops of Natural liquid soap or Dish Liquid
Sanitizing floor cleaners For flooring and carpets (for spray bottles spot clean, mop bucket or machines for carpet)

#1 – Just white vinegar in water is a great sanitizer and you can mix it with ideas #2, #3, #4 & #5 for an amazing combo & effectiveness.

#2 – 1 to 2 cups of Colloidal silver in water. (alone or mixed with #1)

#3 – Tea tree oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus , Lemon or other disinfecting essential oils. (alone or mixed with #1)

#4 – 1 to 2 cups lemon juice. (alone or mixed with #1)

#5 – Mix baking soda in warm water to dissolve.  (alone or mixed with #1 added slowly because it will fizz)

#6 –  Ultimate floor mopping sanitizing & cleaning.
A- For this one you need just a bit extra work and you do not to add any extras. For the spray method use: 2 spray bottles, fill one spray bottle with straight white vinegar and the other spray bottle with straight 3% peroxide, spray the floor good with one, then spray the floor good with the other allow to sit a minute and mop with dry mop.
B- For mop buckets use 2 to 3 cups white vinegar in one mop bucket and 2 cups 3% peroxide in the other mop bucket. Damp mop on the floor with the first bucket, then rinse mop and damp mop with second bucket, allow to sit a few minutes and mop as normal.
It does not matter rather you use the vinegar or use the peroxide first, I tend to prefer using the vinegar first though. The instant reaction of these 2 kills many germs and bacteria, you do not want to mix them in the bottle or the bucket because the reaction only lasts seconds after mixing. (more info)

For fleas & other pests, Food Grade diatomaceous earth (DE): Simply sprinkle on flooring, carpets, baseboard etc, sweep to work in & leave several hours or overnight, vacuum up all areas not hidden, leaving some near baseboard or behind furniture can repel bugs as well. DE can also absorb odors & refresh carpet.

For scratches in real wood flooring: Straight apple cider vinegar & olive oil or coconut oil (for lighter floors try white vinegar) buff & repeat.

More wood flooring cleaning ideas here

Another great floor cleaning recipe here
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  3. How many great ideas! I’m bookmarking this post!This is an “awesome” option to do some eco cleaning.I tried using a raw lemon on some deodorant stains and it worked pretty well.

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