#9 A DIY Home Office: How to be Green & Healthy

DIY all things & cleaning your Office or Home Office.

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Here it is another post my blog series on cleaning room by room, And in this 9th post just like the other 8 I basically use the same natural items to make my DIY green cleaners. Using the same items like Vinegar & Baking soda for cleaning the whole house saves everyone time, money & health plus the added peace of mind knowing that using these products in your home is safe for you, your family & the environment. This article is for cleaning an Office rather at home or at work, a blog post on DIY cleaning your Floors will be in the subject of the next blog post in this series.

In all truth you can go to any of the other 8 post in this series of articles & safely use the recipes found in them to clean almost everything in your office with only a few exceptions.

Some of the things you need for DIY sparkling clean Office:

Make sure to check out my series of articles: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room, I will be adding articles on how to clean each room in your house, DIY, natural & frugal. Blog series of articles on: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room.

All things DIY for the whole house, Green cleaning, subjects being added: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kids bedrooms, nursery, office, floors, walls, ceilings, vehicles, & Pest control.

cleaners officeA DIY Office: How to Green & Healthy, but are these DIY ideas as effective to kill germs, bacteria , grime & office items  like commercial cleaning  products do?
Again the answer for me & many others is YES you bet they are! but I am hoping by now in this series you are yelling yes with me & I do not have to say take the word of so & so on this (if you want info read the first 8 in this series) DIY green cleaning is down right amazing, then add to that we get sick so very rarely so that’s a big clue to them no compromising our immune system & them working.

Now onto how to make all things: DIY Cleaning a  a Office.

To get recipes to clean carpets walls, desk tops, chairs etc check out the other posts, I am going to stick to a few topics on items in your office & how to clean them with these products.

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Computer screens: Ok this can actually be hard, read the info on your screen, some can not have rubbing alcohol used on them but white vinegar is safe (never, never use apple cider vinegar on screens) & some can not have white vinegar & not rubbing alcohol, so reading the manual & how to can help you in knowing the next step. you can use white vinegar straight or 50/50 with water in a spray bottle, or you can add rubbing alcohol, or add colloidal silver, or just rubbing alcohol & water, or water & a few pinches of corn starch, or one of the glass cleaner/window cleaner recipes. Also using a dry wash cloth or microfiber towel seems to work best, I use the white vinegar water & rubbing alcohol spray to clean mine.

a1Clean & Sanitize Office or Home Phones: you can spray on rubbing alcohol & or vinegar & wipe with a dry wash cloth, some prefer to buy those alcohol swabs for first aid kits & to use them for cleaning phones.

Ink marks on desk, chair, almost anywhere (including ink from printer): Rubbing alcohol alone or mixed with baking soda &/or corn starch in a paste & keep rubbing till gone. I prefer the paste with baking soda & corn starch because the rubbing alcohol lifts the ink, corn starch absorbs the stain & baking soda scrubs up the stain.

Printers: I again mainly use straight white vinegar or a vinegar water solution not getting the printer wet, spray the mixture on a dry towel & wipe. Use a Q tip to get in hard to reach places.

Key boards: I like to use a rubbing alcohol & white vinegar combo spray, I spray onto a dry wash cloth, turn off computer & wipe, I also use a q tip & toothbrush ti aid in cleaning.

Mouse: basically blowing out a mouse with a bit of canned air usually does the trick (be careful not to damage mouse with the air) you can also use a q tip with rubbing alcohol & white vinegar to clean.

Dusting Towers: of course vacuums can come in handy here so can a dry wash cloth sprayed with a mixture of white vinegar & water, use a q tip or toothbrushDIY when needed.

Ceiling fans box fans etc: simply use a DIY spray cleaner or DIY dusting spray, simply spray and wipe box fans. For ceiling fans spray the blade & spray lightly the inside of a pillow case, slide pillow case over blade & use a broom to slide around & clean both sides & simply pull off. (more info coming in the future blog post ceilings)

Blinds: spray with DIY multi purpose cleaner & wipe with dry wash cloth,you can also spray a duster with vinegar & wipe

Soda spills: Ok the best bet is don’t drink at your desk & don’t drink sodas, but if you find yourself in this sticky mess as long as its not on something electrical try peroxide, lemon juice & water in equal amounts in a spray bottle (spot test first), you can also try baking soda & warm water paste.

Essential oil diffuser: info here on cleaning, & of course the act of using your diffuser in your office can help germs in the air or just your mood depending on oil in use.

Hand Sanitizer: Use a small spray bottle with either straight white vinegar, straight colloidal silver or straight rubbing alcohol, (or a combo of these) you can also add Lavender, Tea tree, Lemon or Eucalyptus essential oils, or make a spray with one or all these essential oils in distilled water, simply spray on hands or surfaces to sanitize.

Coffee cups: use baking soda & water, for stains make a baking soda & peroxide paste & scrub.cleaners office

Eye Glass cleaner: I love using Peroxide with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a small spray bottle. (check to make sure peroxide is safe on your brand).

Baking soda & Essential oils: mix up your favorite essential oils with baking soda in a bowl & sit under your desk or close by to absorb odors: One box of baking soda & 20 to 30 drops essential oils.


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