Review: Tropical Traditions Laundry Detergent – Uses in DIY recipe

Are you ready for my review?

Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry Detergent.
Non-Toxic & Environmentally Safe.

As all my followers know I am totally DIY in my home when it comes to cleaners, body care & laundry.
I did however choose to review this laundry powder out of a list of choices, I wanted to review it because I have had fans asking what I thought of it. I of course can not say what I think without personally trying it myself. And even though I am DIY I added it to our normal routine & even found some great extra ideas for using it.

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I did the giveaway first so that gave me a few weeks of using the laundry detergent & I was not rushing to this review. The give away ended last night & I have a winner.
So I felt it was time to do my review.

Tropical Traditions.
First as always Tropical Traditions has great customer service & ships fast. I have found them to be a great customer oriented company. My past 2 winners of coconut oil also received there products very fast & were very pleased. I often recommend Tropical Traditions & this is because they are an awesome company.


Works great in HE machines

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Soda ash, sodium percarbonate, mild surfactants

Tropical Traditions Laundry Powder is Environmentally Safe & Nontoxic Detergent

I first used the laundry powder as directed without any of my DIY products, I decided to give it a tough first load, my husbands dirty grimy black work uniforms. It worked really well getting out the black & the crud. I did use hot water since that’s always how I was his uniforms, The results are very similar to when I add extra borax or add peroxide to my wash load. but I did not have to do any extra steps so that was a plus. And my husband us very sensitive to laundry detergents, he will break out in hives, eczema & other skin issues that cause pain & itching, he had no bad reaction from this laundry powder, so that is another plus.

Next I used it on a load of whites, & again it worked great, I used warm water wash & cold water rinse. Again it worked as well as when I add extra borax or add peroxide to my wash loads without any extra steps.

None of my sensitive skinned family had problems with this laundry powder in any of the ways I used it, it also did not bother my lung, my breathing issues or cause an issue with my chemical sensitivities.

So yes if you are wanting to try a great natural laundry detergent, this might be the detergent for you. I am happy to be able to recommend this laundry detergent for those not wanting to use DIY laundry ideas.

I will stick to my DIY laundry soap but I like having this around to add to my laundry room arsenal.

How to use in DIY

So I got the idea to add this to my DIY laundry recipe & give it a try. I used the laundry powder to replace the grated bar soap for those who have their own DIY laundry soap recipes. Also remember I have a family of 8 so I make large batches. you can divide the bath in 1/2 or 4ths

Here is the recipe I created
DIY Laundry Powder using Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry detergent
6 cups Borax
6 cups of baking soda
6 cups Washing soda (make your own here)
4 cups of the Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry detergent (to replace 4 bars of soap, I use Zote,)
3 cups of Epsom salt

Mix together & store in a seal tight container, I used 1 tbsp. per HE load with low soil, I used 2 tbsp. per HE load heavy soil. In a regular washer adjust to your needs by starting with 1/4 cup per load & lower or add to amount depending on your need.

This combo worked great on my laundry & none of my sensitive skinned family have had any issues at all. It also worked great as a pre-treat made into a paste with water & in clothes I soaked. It also was great on odors (so was the laundry powder alone)

Other uses for Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry detergent

I added 1 tsp. to my multi purpose spray cleaner in a spray bottle, (1 part water 1 part white vinegar)
I used it as a toilet cleaner & as a tub scrubber
I found it worked to replace borax or oxy clean in most DIY recipes for those looking for an alternative idea. or if you prefer Tropical Traditions sells a great oxygen bleach you could use to replace oxy clean here (but that is for a future blog post)


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