MuddyH2O Pit Powder review

MuddyH2O Pit Powder

Welcome to my review of  Pit Powder by MuddyH2O & Ebay seller Sarla0101/Good Earth Store

We have been using DIY Natural deodorant for a while now, but I decided to go ahead & try Pit Powder to see how it compared to our DIY & other Natural Deodorants we have tried, & we have tried almost every other natural deodorant brand out there & most we tried in the past we have gotten sad results, they just were not effective.

I have 2 teen girls & a pre teen Girl along with myself who all use DIY deodorant daily. I will be reviewing the Pit Powder for Women, but they do sell one for men also. Right out of the package my 2 oldest daughters tried it (they are both almost 17 years old & almost 15 years old)

a1Something I want to say first, when you make the switch to natural deodorant your body goes through a detox & depending on each person it can take a few days to over a month to detox & notice less sweating & the natural deodorant being effective. Why you ask do you detox? That’s how bad the toxins in commercial deodorants are, you might even get burning, rashes & swelling during the detox, but it’s not actually the natural deodorants fault, it is the commercial deodorant you had been using & the toxins it left behinds fault, & this can even happen if you have been using some store-bought natural deodorants since they are not all as natural as they claim, always do your homework & research. More info on detox & switching to natural deodorant here

I ordered my Terramin Brand Clay & Starla added the Pit Powder along with it, she’s always an awesome seller.I have bought my clay powder from her for a while now, I found her when I sold Kombucha‘s on ebay & we built a great online friendship.

My daughter loves it: My 15-year-old has more issues with odor off & on, mainly because she forgets to apply deodorant at all, but sometimes I think her hormones also play a role, but she wore the Pit Powder only all day & loved it, & continued using it, she said: I did sweat, & even though was sweating I still smelled so much better (sweating is a normal process of the body & she sweats more already but at least she did not smell & she’s used to sweating) She is going to continue using it & I will update as she does

Update May 2013: My daughter still loves Pit powder & the rest of us use it off & on, if used right it can last awhile too.

Ok on to my review again, Pit Powder states on the package correctly: Pit Powder reduces odor without the introduction of harmful toxins which are found in many conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Sweating is an integral part of a healthy body. With Pit Powder you can now sweat without the stink!

I used Pit Powder: I did not sweat, but I also am not a big underarm sweater & I as I said have detoxed long ago, so maybe those 2 combined is why I did not have a sweating issue, so every person is different & must find what works best for them. I did apply Tropical Traditions Virgin Gold label coconut oil over the top, because I love the coconut oil deodorants the best. It worked great & the Pit Powder worked the best of any natural deodorant I have ever bought & worked just as well as my DIY deodorant, I am now going into day 3 of using it & no irritation, & it has worked great. But for anyone wanting to purchase natural deodorant that is effective I do recommend buying this product & as an added plus Starla is an awesome seller.

My 17-year-old used it for 24 hours Pit Powder she says: It did not work for her, she very much enjoyed the scent but she did sweat more than normal & did start smelling bad, She has used natural deodorant forever & it did take us awhile to find what works & it is a DIY deodorant. This show that not one thing works for everyone, what works for one wont work for another. This does not make this product any less great because she thinks it is still great to apply right after a shower just before applying her favorite  DIY coconut oil Deodorant

My 11-year-old daughter totally loved it: She says it also kept her dry, so no sweating issues for her, she also loved the smell so much she was hoping they made it in things she could set out or sprinkle in her room lol, she did use it combined with first spraying her underarms with our DIY Mist deodorant with colloidal silver, orange peel vinegar & Witch Hazel in it (It also has drops of Plant Therapy Germ-Fighter synergy essential oil, Compare to Thieves by Young Living ) she’s young yet & does not need lots of deodorant & has never used commercial deodorant, she just likes natural scents & does not like sweating, She does tend to sweat easily so loved not sweating as a plus & says she wants more Pit Powder.

Pit Powder Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), maranta arundinacea (arrowroot powder), kaolin clay, trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek seed powder), essential oils of organic citrus paridisi (grapefruit), lavendula angustifolia (lavender), organic pelargonium graveolens (geranium), organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), organic pogostemon cablin (patchouli), organic cananga odorata (ylang ylang).

Out of 4 of us, 3 had success, & all 4 do love it for scent, ease of use & would recommend it.

If you are looking for a great natural deodorant powder to replace your toxic commercial deodorant so you can protect your immune system from toxins, this might just be the right product for you.

Info: I must also say the package claims aluminum  free baking soda & as I have discussed with my fans before many times know baking soda does not have aluminum  in it, so I don’t want anybody to freak, even Robs Red mill has stopped saying the little blurb about aluminum  free since other brands have been tested & are the same as Rob’s red mill, I also had several brands tested with the same results, but here is great info I found online for those who want to research. But this in no way makes me think less of Pit Powder as lots have not realized it was all hype. As a matter of fact I love Pit Powder I only want to add the info about baking soda so as not scare everyone who’s using Arm & hammer or another brand for health. & I also needed to add the info because my fans & I have discussed it before, & I do not add it here to say anything bad about Pit Powder


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