My purse is a total mini natural health pharmacy on my shoulder

My purse is a total mini natural health pharmacy on my shoulder

What really is in my purse?

What a subject to cover, what I carry in my purse, but cover it I will. Everything I carry is a multi-taskers so I can spring into action, & they are what works best for us..Whats in my purse
My purse, on any normal day can & usually does have an array of small pursecontainers of easily used natural items that t can be used in a variety of ways, my purse also tends to have my camera in it & sometimes an extra lens & other camera do dads, & without a doubt yes I carry pictures of my kids, the pictures are normally taken by me too, so when I am bragging showing off my kids pictures I am also self bragging  my business (blush). I also tend to have a spare fork, spoon, straw, crayon, band-aid etc floating around, I am a mom of 6 after all.
I carry a small spray bottle of colloidal silver with me at all times, it can be used as hand sanitizer, or given at the first signs of sickness, as a matter of fact my bag I carry usually has spray/dropper bottles of colloidal silver, bragg’s vinegar, lavender essential oil in water, tea tree oil & peppermint essential oil in water, rubbing alcohol plus I carry a small container of baking soda.
All can double as hand sanitizer, spray deodorant, air fresheners, nausea relief, Panic attack support, & as a fast means to stop sickness from the word go! (picture of the zipper bag that I add my spray bottles to not pictures to give the purse photos dramatic flare lol)

A few other things I carry in my purse but are not covered here, raw coconut oil for waterchapped lips & skin,  water bottle with pure water in it & an alkaline stick, activated charcoal (powder & tablets), a glass shaker of salt with natural Pink salt in it, healthy snacks, & sometimes extra essential oils  depending on our current needs & other needed DIY item.

I am a spring into action kinda mom, no sickness allowed to invade, so I am ready on a moments notice to tackle any threats to my rule. So these products are used on & for my whole family. (including the animal family)

Panic attacks
I am newer to the area of panic attacks, I started having them after I stopped breathing hundreds of times from a football size tumor in my chest suffocating me at any time of its choosing, usually lasting from a few minutes to a 1/2 hour per spell.
I already carried a spray bottle with tea tree oil & water to mist as a sanitizer, deodorant, surface cleaner.
But one day in the middle of a bad panic attack my friend was trying to help me by talking me through it, they were chewing peppermint gum & to my surprise the more I concentrated on the rosewaterpeppermint scent the calmer I became.
So I decided to test my theory & added peppermint essential oil to my small spray bottle of water & tea tree oil, the very next panic attack I mist it in the air & on both my wrists & kept smelling it, & dag gone it worked again. I do tend to also spray the lavender water once I know the peppermint is working.
And the spray can still be used as a hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, & deodorant if you can handle the cool burn of peppermint under your arms.

Colloidal silver
I reach for this little spray bottle so much it needs refilled often, it is in a small brown glass spray bottle, I use 10ppm of micro particle colloidal silver strait.spray bottle
Uses, to stop a sore throat or any sickness on the go, as a hand sanitizer, hand washer when no water is available, surface cleaner/sanitizer, deodorant, cooling face & body mist, mouth rinse, eye drops, for ears & noses etc
Colloidal silver is our go to at home & everywhere else, it can stop food poisoning in its tracks if need be & can also be added to commercial drinking water bottles to purify it (see below on using baking soda for PH of water) Teen approved & loved.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
Why do I carry Bragg vinegar in my purse in a dropper bottle? No I am not crazy, there is always a method to my madness.
Because its great to add to water for fast relief of heartburn, acid reflux, tummy troubles, pain, kidney issues etc
It can also be used as a sanitizer & deodorant. I have a Teen that Bragg is her go too item for everything.

Lavender EO
Lavender essential oil can be very calming so I carry a small spray bottle of lavender & water, it can help headaches, be used as a sanitizer, deodorant, surface cleaner, face & hand wash, car deodorizer etc It can also make a great perfume. I think all my kids love this.misting spray bottles, travel size

Rubbing alcohol
Yeap I carry a small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, I have found it comes in handy all the time, yes it can be used as a hand sanitizer, surface cleaner & as a mist deodorant, but it has also been used to remove ink stains, glue from fingers, labels from items, as a window & mirror cleaner, as a fast ear cleaner after swimming, to get sticky stuff off hands, seats, inside of vehicle, faces, purse etc. Yeap I have kids & I hate sticky. So rubbing alcohol has been a life saver many times.

Baking soda
Oh my everyone knows I love baking soda, so of course its in my purse, I use a plastic screw cap bottle that once upon a time had Tylenol or some such thing in it.
Baking soda makes a great powder hand washing soap, mouthwash or eyeswash when added to water, great for on the go teeth brushing.
It can also be added to water & drank for relief of tummy issues, pain, heartburn, acid reflux, headache, kidney issues, ward off cold & flu, for sore throats.
It cab also be added to  bottled water to make alkaline water & raise the PH of the water for when you forget to carry pure water with you. It is also a great fast way to clean & get rid of odors by adding to water & spraying surfaces or in the air. You can also use it in the event you are having a deodorant failing day by just applying a bit under each arm, baking soda is a great DIY deodorant.

Spray hand sanitizers, disinfecting hand & surface sprays, sanitizing air mists
The above sprays can all double as disinfecting hand sprays, spray hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers/disinfectants. And vinegar or colloidal silver make great air purifying sanitizing disinfecting sprays mists.

cameraYup my camera is important, I am a photographer & must always be prepared for the shot of a lifetime (you will notice in the pictures of my purse there is just a simple point & shoot camera in there, it is the stunt double, because I had to use my camera to take the picture, my normal camera is in this picture to the left. So when looking at the purse pictures just envision this camera in the purse & maybe even a extra lens too 🙂

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And go HERE for info on: What helped us most to not be sick & build a better immune system

Now to ramble just a bit, SOMETIMEs unnamed people in my home remove some of my little bottles from my purse, unknown to me, then in my moment of need I discover them missing, oh the horror, so please do not remove the little bottles from mom’s purse, there are some just like them sitting on my desk, thank you for listening. OK thankfully my kids are great & this rarely happens.

In the next few weeks I will be doing some more reviews on products, a few already planed is: Himalayan Pink Salt, & another natural salt, a Pit powder, Tropical Traditions coconut oil & DE. I will also do review on some of my most used itemspurse2

OK I am off, things to do, for some reason all the talk of laundry & cleaning fairies turns out to be hoax every time I research trying to find me a couple to have for my very own “And I will hug (them) and squeeze (them) and call (them) GEORGE!”


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